Stef Ptaszek is new OC

LOL!!!! Yup I can just hear old Seymour now........The league has too many inferior Canadian players and now they are hiring inferior Canadians to coach them :roll: :wink:

In all seriousness I am over the moon elated with this hiring......FANTASTIC CHOICE AUSTIN :smiley: :thup: Ptaszek will be a GREAT addition to our coaching staff and our organization. I honestly cannot wait for this season to get started. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like this off season has been an eternity and one of the longest ones ever on record.


I think it was preemptive posting. Maybe stop the hijacking of another thread. :smiley:

Two things...

  1. I don't have any problem with Ptaszek being named OC - he is probably deserving of the opportunity. Time will tell if he can continue his coaching success at this level.
    Besides, as noted by a previous poster, Ptaszek will be more of a play-caller than a traditional OC here. He is operating under Austin's playbook and as long as he remains compliant and yields to Austin's wishes, he may be around a while.

  2. It's becoming more and more difficult to attract players and coaches here from the U.S. when they are being paid in devalued Canadian "dollarettes". I would not be surprised if that was a factor in Condell's departure.

This is Austin's offence.

Doubt there will be any noticeable change, although I hope Coach P's play selection and timing is much better than Condell's...which I think it will be.

Serves Mac right for stealing our trainer!

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Source with #Bombers says McMaster called, asked for permission to speak with DB coach Greg Knox about HC gig. Permission granted #cfl #cis

Ce sera peut-être le cas, mais ça demeure une bonne embauche. Il a eu du succès depuis le début dans le SIC et il aura alors l'occasion de se mettre au niveau des pros avec un bon mentor, un peu comme Austin a fait avec Condell ou que Hufnagel a fait avec Dickenson.

Je suis heureux que des entraîneurs puissent de plus en plus se faire une place dans la LCF. Ça leur fait une reconnaissance pour leur travail qui témoigne de la belle progression du football universitaire canadien au cours de la dernière décennie. Quand le candidat est un gars du coin, c'est encore plus admirable.

Wow - did not see that coming! And a great way to introduce a CIS coach to the CFL. Only downside is that as a Mac grad, I hate to see him leave. Other than that, Ptaszek should be in top gear just about when Zach is ready to return.

Doesn't matter where you start, only where you finish!

Will make Labour Day an interesting one for Ptaszek?

An even more Fun Fact


Drew EdwardsVerified account
The 1994 #CFL Draft:
No. 9 Stef Ptaszek
No. 17 Mike Morreale
No. 49 @ticatmitchell
Current #Ticats GM Eric Tillman drafted the first two.

Nice piece by Drew Edwards here.

Five reasons why the Ptaszek hire makes sense for Ticats

The decision by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to hire Stefan Ptaszek as their offensive coordinator resembles the perfect play call: it’s timely, it makes complete sense and yet nobody saw it coming.
The Ticats made Ptaszek’s hiring official on Thursday, offering him an opportunity to step up to the CFL ranks after a decade as the head coach at McMaster University. While the 45-year-old’s lack of experience in the pro ranks could be seen as a drawback, he’s a perfect fit for this team at this moment in time. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Ptaszek is fully versed – and embraces – the Canadian game. Many coaches who come from the U.S. have to adjust their schemes and coaching style to fit the CFL game, which can be a time-consuming process (a luxury the Ticats don’t have.) He not only understands the game conceptually but he understands the need to develop and utilize Canadian talent, something some American coaches often don’t initially understand or eventually chafe at.

Having been a head coach for ten years, Ptaszek will also be fully versed in the CFL game’s unique rhythm, quirky rules and clock management issues. He won’t necessarily be asked to take the lead on those issues, but his input will be valuable.

  1. He doesn’t have to call plays right away – and he probably shouldn’t. The learning curve for coaches who make the transition from the CIS can be a steep one but by coming to a team with a fully-formed offensive system in place, Ptaszek won’t have that burden and instead will be able to develop under an experienced head coach and offensive coordinator in Kent Austin. He’ll have some of his own ideas and Austin will no doubt be willing to incorporate some of them but Ptaszek will be operating with a more significant safety net than most new coaches get.

  2. He’s a known commodity. Ptaszek was drafted the by B.C. Lions in 1994 by current Ticat general manager Eric Tillman, with whom he’s kept in touch over the years. The team’s assistant general and director of Canadian scouting, Drew Allemang, has a good working relationship with Ptaszek and there are enough players in the Ticat locker room who are familiar with him – including Mac alum Mike Daly – that by training camp his reputation as a good coach and a decent guy will have already been established. There will be, of course, an adjustment period but Ptaszek isn’t a complete stranger.

  3. He’s a good fit for the culture. Ptaszek is known as a smart, hard-working coach who demands a lot from his players while also treating them with respect. He’s a family-first guy, which also lines up nicely with the Austin Way. One of the reasons Ptaszek was selected over some of the other experienced candidates was because of the sense he would simply be a better fit.

In a larger sense, it maintains the organizations commitment to hiring and developing Canadians in football operations, a list that includes former head coaches Greg Marshall and Marcel Bellefeuille, a number of assistant coaches, Allemang and assistant general manager and director of football operations Shawn Burke.

  1. It’s a good fit for him, too. Ptaszek had been at Mac a decade and had already achieved the ultimate success, winning the 2011 Vanier Cup. This gives him the opportunity to take the next step in his coaching career without having to uproot his family while also walking into a situation with an almost unheard of level of stability: Austin just signed an extension, ownership is rock solid and the team looks well-positioned for an continued run of success.

The decision to hire Ptaszek looks like a smart decision but, as with all play calls, it’s hard to know for sure. Yes, it looks good paper. Now let’s see if it works.[/b][/i]

Good to see a Canadian coach/ex-player like Stephan Ptaszek taking over the helm of the Ti-Cats offence, we wish you all the best success Stephen in this your first upcoming CFL season with the Cats.

I enjoyed watching Tommy Condel and thought he did a great job as offensive co-ordinator with the Tiger-Cats but after he stepped down recently, I think the Tiger-Cats management and coach Austin did a great job in finding his replacement in coach Ptaszek.

Let's gear up for another great season of Tiger-Cat football.

Go Cats Go in 2016!!

I have to say that when Condell resigned I really wondered who the team might find to replace him who could step in quickly. I agree with pretty much every other poster so far that this appears to be a great hire and excellent fit for both the team and Ptaszek. Have to feel a bit for Mac being left in the lurch, but if Stefan has built up his staff well (as I seem to be hearing) then they should be fine. While it's a bit late in their off season too, at least they do have a bit more time to find a replacement than the Ticats had. Good luck to Ptaszek as the new OC and also to Mac in their search for a new HC who can keep them rolling at the high level to which they've become accustomed.


I've been hard on you Sir. But I lift my Fedora at what you and your group have accomplished these last few years. Thank you.

I've read this whole thread and no one has asked the obvious question:

How does one properly pronounce Ptaszek ?


Giving each other grief (politely) is just one of the fun uses of these forums.

Cheers, Bob.

When people make mistakes early into a business ownership or get buyer's remorse they almost always walk away and point fingers. You pointed the finger at yourself and persevered. That is so so increasingly rare. :thup:

We'll just wait for Rod Black to pronounce it, and then pick something else. :wink:

But yes, I was wondering that, as I actually don't remember him playing. If I had to guess, it would be something like tawseck or tawsheck, but I'd probably be wrong. So sure, any help you could give would be great.

How does one properly pronounce Ptaszek ? That's easy......W-I-N-N-E-R !!! :smiley:

I think it is pronounced puh tass zek.

(Don't let Rod Black see this if it is correct :wink: I'm anxious to hear his pronunciation)

Gee Bob why didn't you ask him yourself ? :slight_smile: :wink: