Stef Ptaszek is new OC

Scott Radley ?@radleyatthespec 59s59 seconds ago
BREAKING: Stef Ptaszek leaving @McMasterSports to take over as #Ticats offensive co-ordinator #CFL #HamOnt

[i]There’s no doubt this would be a plum acquisition by the black and gold. In spite of the fact that he’s never coached at the pro level, the 45-year-old Burlington native has an impressive resume in the university game.

As a player at Wilfrid Laurier, he won the 1991 Vanier Cup before turning pro. As offensive co-ordinator at his alma matar, he helped the Golden Hawks win back-to-back Yates Cups and the 2005 Vanier Cup.

And of course, his work at McMaster since arriving in 2006 is well known. Three times his team has won the Yates Cup. Three times it’s been to the Vanier Cup, winning once. His team holds the national record for longest winning streak at 21 games. And he was national coach of the year in 2012.
He’s got good offensive chops and he’s a phenomenal motivator.

Which is why as good as this might be for the Ticats – and it is – it’s devastating for the Marauders[/i]


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couldnt be happier with this signing :thup:

He is great choice is it true

He and his Staff taught at Coaching Clinics in burlington

I got lev 1 & 2 coaching certificate From his teachings

I have great Respect for the Mac Staff including coach

Coach is bright and really a smart Hirer

Greg Knox Would good Replacement for mac as head coach or Jon Behie

Great news, and a local guy to boot. He's in good hands with Coach guiding him at the pro level.

Great hire for the TCs. MAC can now elevate Behie to coach and the world turns....

Fun Fact-
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#Ticats GM Eric Tillman picked Stefan Ptaszek in the 1st round, 9th overall in 1994 #CFLDraft. #CFL

Great hire!

Steph is one of the most quality individuals around. An elite player in his day. Fast rise through the ranks as an OC then HC in CIS. Focused, smart, driven, family oriented. Calm, cool & collected. An absolute prefect fit for the organization.

As others have said, couldn't be happier with this news for both the team and Coach Ptasek.

Austin and crew continue to amaze.

Great signing! If anyone can learn Kent Austin's strategy, it's Stef Ptaszek. :thdn:

Just heard this on CH, as others have said, what a great hire. Can't wait for the season to begin

Even Robofan is happy about this! :smiley:

I'm still waiting for Seymour to chime in and steal another thread about how Ptaszek is Canadian and what an inferior offensive product will now be put on the field. :wink:

Then, came E.T.'s next choice for the Lions, -- 2nd round, 18th overall -- Mike Morreale.

Although surprised, I'm with everyone else, it seems, on this hiring. In fact, no name comes to mind, over which I'd be happier to see named the Cats' new O.C. Congrats on this to Coach Ptaszek and also to Coach Austin.

And watch how much smarter our new OC will become after our bye week when ZC will probably make his season debut :wink:

He will be running Austin's offense. Period.

Being an OC for the Ticats right now is more of a play caller than an OC. You can be sure that he will be directed by Austin before, during, after and between games.

It's pretty much so Austin can leave him with instructions on what he wants each game or series, and concentrate more on head coaching.

So why attack other posters before they have posted? and why attack them for having different views?

So why attack other posters before they have posted? and why attack them for having different views?[quote]

Lighten up a bit, slim. Grover merrily made a joke. There was a laughing face attached to his post.. :smiley:

Great choice now we have a Mc Coach what the frig more can you ask. :thup: :cowboy:

Gotta say it sounds like the perfect hiring. Successful coach, CIS coach makes the jump to pro football, and a local boy is even better :rockin: Good job Austin!

Mike DalyVerified account ?@DalyNews8 4m4 minutes ago
Coach P is one of the best people and coaches I know and I could not be more excited for him to join the family. #Ticats

Great to hear from one of his former players. 2016 will be the year Daly steps up and claims the S position for the next 8-10 years. Just look at what he showed in 2015. Gotta love 6th round picks that play like 1st rounders.