Steering the Boat: Argos eye top of East Division presents ‘Off-Season Depth Chart’, a series of articles reviewing every team’s depth chart at is stands to date. Note that these are not official team-issued depth charts, but projections based on insight and analysis from around the league, and don’t include 2022 CFL Draft picks.

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Say CFL/TSN website, there is still a team in Saskatchewan isn't there? Do you have any info to impart about them for once other than the usual 3 week old garbage you dig up to pay lip service to? All 40 Argo fans that ever attend a game there are kept will informed though, and anybody in Alberta, especially when it comes to the Stumps and sucking up to Chris Jones again and the team with the funny name that he's running now. Saskatchewan will just win a lot of games again this year and you will find ways not to mention it just like every other year.

I agree, the Rider Nation is under covered in my book. The Argos have not been exciting at pivot since Ricky Ray played.