Herb had a story on him in today`s Gazette about his seeming lack of development.

This is from today`s Vancouver Province:

Buono initially looked at filling the left guard spot of Hameister-Ries with Joe McGrath, who primarily played tackle with the Lions and Edmonton last year, and Luke Fritz, who was cut in the off-season by Winnipeg.

According to reports, the Lions also looked to trade for backup Montreal Alouettes non-import lineman Dylan Steenbergen. But Buono wasn't willing to give back the firstround pick he acquired in the Sean Whyte deal in May, and also wasn't willing to invest more heavily in any player who will only be needed until Hameister-Ries returns Sept. 2

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So it looks like the Als haven`t given up on Steenbergen.

So to me, why not have Steenbergen in the line up against the Riders? Would have given him the chance to work on his game against a struggling team. Hey, who am I to question Trestman’s decision :lol:

Steenbergen arrived to Montreal at 21 years of age. His coach Blake Nill said at the time that he needed development but that he has some of the quickest feets he's ever coached and Blake knows Olinesmen better than any coach in Canada. So while he's been with the Als for 3 years he's still a pupp... Bomben is more versatile and Matte is bigger...

Obviously Trestman doesn't feel he's ready.

“He (Steenbergen) is just not where the other guy (McCuller) is at this point in time,? head coach Marc Trestman explained. “Every pro athlete gets hit with one of these moments. It’s an opportunity for Dylan to step back and re-evaluate where he is, accept the fact his development is where it is right now. Hopefully, he’ll treat it as a positive.

“We may not be right,? Trestman added. “This is a leap of faith putting a (rookie) in at left-tackle. But this is where we are today. I hope we’re right on this one.?

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I like it when the coach acknowledges that his decision could turn out to be wrong. If Josh has to miss more than this week's game and McCuller doesn't impress against Saskatchewan, maybe Steenbergen gets his chance next week.

Breaking into the Als' O-line is not an easy task by any means. In fact, it's probably the toughest group on the team to crack outside of receiver, simply because we have so much quality depth. I hope Steenbergen succeeds, but he's not going to get anything just because of past accolades. He's also a natural tackle, which makes it more difficult because both our tackles, Perrett and Bourke, are still in their physical prime.

You got to be patient, Green and Whitaker are proof of that. There is no way a 21 year old was gonna play tackle in the CFL.

Has been transferred to 1 game injury list, as per CFL transactions of today.


Trestman also has a college connection to McCuller. That connection may partially explain why he's so high on the kid.

“He’s focused and loves ball. He’s determined to do a good job, and I think he will,? said head coach Marc Trestman, who had McCuller at North Carolina State in 2006, when he was the offensive co-ordinator and the youngster was a freshman.

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Well, d&p, I hope he warrants Trestman's high praise on Sunday. I hope that he keeps AC clean.

Go Als go!

May be just me...
But when he mentioned he never played left tackle before in his life...I got a bit of a chill.
Sure hope Trestman is right too...the Riders defence may have been under-performing lately
But throwing a raw rookie to the wolves might just give them the scent of blood they need.

I'm expecting lot's of tight-end help and Whitaker earning his keep blocking this weekend.
The Riders will be sending the house, the summer cottage and the mobile home.

:lol: :x :lol:

On another note, I'm intrigued to hear how this Jervonte Jackson does.

Say what? Is he on the active roster for tomorrow's game?

Jervonte Jackson?

He was added to the practice roster on July 20,2011 and removed on July 21,2011, as per CFL transactions.Gone!


I specifically looked for him on our official roster- he is gone!

Wow, that was quick. I was hoping to add some depth to our dline :?