Steeltown football is back.

Boy, did we beat them up or what?

Pierce, Clermont, Smith and Simmons all got absolutely crushed.

Gotta love Moreno, Armour and Cox.

Agreed… .the D played great tonight.

can't wait to have Cody back too!!

Totally agree... our defence is going to be SCARY to play. Can't wait for them to make hits like that on Labour Day. :stuck_out_tongue:

D played alright except for stupid offsides and stuff. Offence wasn't anything to be excited about.

True but the offence will take some time. Special tems was good enough and the defence was good. I am more then satisfied with our overall effort.

the defence played great tonight except for the 4th quarter but I think that was because they were tired of being on the field most of the game

the linebacking corp is outstanding! Moreno is an absolute beast. They say Zeke "and destroy" Moreno well thats exactally what he does! and did you see Armours hit on Clermont!!!! HUGE! excellent play tonight by them. When Cody is back theres another hard hitter. Also our defensive line Mckay was outstanding. We are going to be a good team in a year or so.

Very impressed with the level of play overall. Some great plays, some stupid penalties and some bad calls. But I have to say, it was an exciting, close game considering who we were playing. Maybe the guys are finally starting to gel. It should only get better from here on in. Looking forward to the next game.

With the LB's we have this year now we know why #42 services were not needed anymore.

This d is going to be a force soon enough without a doubt, already in many respects!

I was little Worried about Having Rookie DC
Ed'Bundy O'Neil is great Coach..
Man the D was Swarming Yesterday ..

I am very proud of the effort and skill shown by all of the players last night. I had my doubts after the first 3 games, but after seeing game 4, I am sure that they will be a very strong team this year.

Too bad there are no points for a "moral victory".

I think the D played great, with the exception of not being aggressive enough in the 4th when Jackson was in - should of sent some pressure and caused a mistake by the young QB.

The D has been improving every week. I think their tackling has been great, and they play an agressive hard hitting style.

One area they need improvement is at the start of the game. They seem to be a bit soft then. ie both Montreal and BC moved downt he field to score with little or no effort.

The coaches need to change things up re the defensive game plans to start the game.

Good point.

im watching the game for the first time right now....Lord Lumsden is AMAZING.....BOUNCING OFF TACKLES.

jesse is only 23 yards short of 2nd place in rushing.

Steeltown football is back? Need I remind you---You LOST!!! You must be a young fan; too young to remember the truly great Cat teams of the past. They expected to win every game and usually did. They had HOFers. Opposing teams hated to play them (and Argo fans like me hated/feared them).

Please try and maintain some sense of perspective on this team. Against BC, they were better in most areas which is a good sign but there were still lots of problems. A few players looked like keepers but it was only one game. And above all, they still LOST!

An Argo-Cat fan

Again, they only LOST because the refs WERE ON THE BC PAYROLL. (Much like the refs are on the ARGO PAYROLL).

-A Cat Fan Who Hates The Argos