Steam Whistle..

What did everyone think about the new addition? I was kinda meh!

Im not sure on exactly how the a steam whistle works but there was a few times it would go off with no one pulling the handle.

Sound is pumped through the speakers. Which makes me think its just an artificial sound and the whistle is just for show?

What do you folks think?

I found the sound annoying. I was hoping it would sound more like the whistle (which was actually a sound made by a bird) from the Flintstones opening theme that signified the end of Fred's workday.

Lol that would be cool and do able if its just a sound clip they play at THF

It's cool, I think the addition of the steam whistle is related to the Hamilton Steam Museum and if not should be, great way to promote both ands add some extra fun to the game every time the Cats score a TD you get the Big Steam Whistle, they could get it sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewery, Whoops I forgot that's in Toronto the dreaded Argoland!!!


Sorry but I think it's dumb. What purpose does it serve? If it's suppose to sound to celebrate a touchdown, the crowd noise overwhelms the whistle unless you're sitting close to it. I sit on the west side and the only reason I knew it went off was when the people behind me mentioned it. If it was supposed to be similiar to the fog horns in hockey, it fell short.

I love the idea, and the sound. I'm just a little dissapoitment that it's not loud enough to stand on its own. By that I mean without the speakers.

I think that is why i was meh due to it not being load enough on its own. Maybe they need one in each corner?

Great Idea , Great Look, Great Sound no where near loud enough :slight_smile:

Looked and sounded great on TV, I hope they keep it. :thup: :cowboy:

I love the steam whistle. It seemed loud enough to me, it didn't overwhelm the crowd noise but was certainly evident during the TD celebrations. It is a great addition to the game-day experience.

I have not seen it on TV yet.


It's a neat little addition, I think. Not everything has to be spectacular. A nice nod to the Hamilton factory addition without being over the top. I think that after a while we will all like the way that it adds to the atmosphere.

I had to explain to my wife that it wasn't supposed to sound like a train whistle. She wanted more of a "toot-toot". :smiley:

Hey Mark, I thought it was your job to provided the tooting in your family. :lol: :lol: :lol:

What a fantastic one day tradition we have started!!!! WISH IT WAS LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :thup: :smiley:

It sounded like the whistle on the Flintstones at quitting time.

I think the steam whistle is a great idea. :thup:
I'll have to wait until I hear what it sounds like it in the stadium though ....I could not hear it on TV.

You couldn't hear it on the west side either…other than pre-game. When they played it after a touchdown…it was completely drowned out by crowd noise.


Robofan agrees with you. time rethink your position.

im on the south west side. don't imagine I would have heard the whistle by itself if they didn't run the noise through the speakers.

add one more to the South West concourse

Goes waaaaaaaay beyond a "toot". :smiley: