STE on Kick Returns.

Since all my negative friends have been relegated to their own thread, I figured I'd chime in with a semi-bright spot from Friday's effort.

It was good seeing STE getting utilized in more than just the occasional handoff or decoy route as a SB. Waiting until I have time to watch the PVR'd game to give a final verdict, but the box score numbers say he gave a decent go of it.


He always plays his ass off, keeps legs chugging always pushing forward. Tons of heart and talent, best upside of all our RB's but that doesn't seem to mean to much in this 1984 game plan. So special teams mostly, where I def think he has been solid

He always seems to look injured on his returns but battles through and comes back. He was OK.
Forde on the last kickoff commented WHY not have Chris Williams and Banks back for this crucial kickoff and STE ripped off his best return.
Big improvement over Frankie IMO but i still prefer the speed guys back there for kick returns.
It does seem to me that our guys have more troubles covering their guys on kickoffs every week.