STE knee news/comments/accusations

Wonder if they might bring back Shamawd Chambers.

He’s on the 6 game

Not yet. But, he will be:

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#Ticats head coach Orlondo Steinauer says RB Sean Thomas Erlington will be placed on the 6-game injured list with a knee injury. #CFL
10:03 AM - 8 Jul 2019

In a strange way that’s actually good news. We might get him back by Labour Day.

Yup . :’( :frowning: :’(…That Sucks !!! Hopefully we get better news about CVZ . :-\ It’s bad enough we’ve lost 1 starting Canadian it could get really dicey if we wind up losing two…especially in the same game .

We have many options, which is good. Coombs, Irons and Bennett can all split carries. One of Okafor or Gibbons can fill in at RT for Van Zyle. I think Rico is too small to play WLB for Simoni, so like you said Shorthill maybe next man up. Westerman at DE or Adeleke at SLB with Daly at S. Also Kalinic as more of a recieving TE in place of an International SB could also help.

Anthony Coombes is a Canadian and filled in very admirably for Sean Thomas-Erlington on Thursday in Montreal. Coombs proved to be virtually a carbon copy of the dual threat Thomas-Erlington has presented to the opposition so far this season. Coombes carried the ball six times for 51 yards and caught five passes for 61 yards.

Why then would Coach Steinauer want to dick around? Why would he not just slot Coombes into Thomas-Erlington’s spot?


I’d expect that, for the most part, that’s what Coach Condell will do. But, Coomb’s knowledge of two playbooks (RB & WR) would be far below Thomas Erlington’s, with STE having been a Ticat for two full seasons, and every day this year, since the start of training camp. Coombs has been a TiCat for less than three weeks. Fortunately, the coach has a few options to cover all that Sean has been doing and even, if decided necessary, ratio flexibility.

Do any of you fine lads know why the Leaky Boatmen cut someone with Coombs talent in the first place. ???

Likely a combination of his injury history & his salary as a Canadian vet.

Why do you cut anyone, other than for money? Probably thought the guy they kept was better, or had a bigger upside. Plus, Coombs had been injured and maybe never really had the chance to show his stuff? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

unless the two in the bush are nesting with a few eggs

I thought it was a clean thigh high hit; unfortunately on the leg that was planted and bearing weight. This would cause the knee to try to fold backward hyper extending some ligaments and crushing other areas around the knee cap. Since they put him on the 6 game mebbe I was correct.

Popp is a master architect of building winning CFL teams and the standings cleary indicate that the Argos have a surplus of high level talent such as Coombs. ;D

Don’t forget that we are currently starting 8 Nationals, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. If Van Zeyl can’t go on Saturday, I fully expect import Kelvin Palmer to come off the 1-game injury list to replace him. Coombs will start at RB with Irons and Bennett backing up so there are no real ratio issues to speak of.

According to SM:

CVZ will be a game day decision.

I admit that I forgot that.

Apparently I am an alarmist.

But now I remember why I like the idea of starting 8 nationals.

Davis Sanchez, in a TSN video, explains why he believes hits, like the one that sent Thomas Erlington to the 6-Game Injured List, will one day be illegal in the CFL:

When is the last time a team has won the championship with a Canadian RB , just saying?!

Calgary with Cornish in 2014?