STE and National RBs

Lost in the shuffle of less than stellar passing stats and an eeked out win over a second and third string QB after a highly questionable hit was Sean Thomas-Erlington.

Looked great in both home games IMO.

51 yards on 8 carries (6.4) against the double blew
68 yards on 11 carries (6.2) against the watermelon heads

for those without enough fingers and toes to count that out on that’s:

119 yards on 19 carries for a 6.3 yard avg rush with solid receiving numbers out of the backfield (love that threat since i think he’s a better SB than RB in the first place)

hopefully he’s just been dinged up rather than injured. (Drew? any news or just… crickets)

We have not heard from Drew for a few weeks, I hope all is well with him. ???

STE vs the Argos:

12 runs for 109 yards, longest 52!
3 catches for 56 yards, longest 37!

After 2 weeks he ranks 2nd in the league in rushing with 177 yards, behind CJ Gable (265) and ahead of Mossis Madu (162). (Yes, all three came into the league with HAM - and STE looks like he’s been watching CJ highlights circa 2013.)


Q1: Best 8th round draft choice of the decade? A: Maybe, I don’t track these things.

Q2: Best off-season decision to make him the preferred starter? A: Perhaps - we’ll have to see how some of the free agent signings play out. It was probably Orlondo’s call, since we know JJ liked Green.

Q3: Should he have started some games last year after the early standout performance against WPG (92 yards rushing)? A: Not sure there is really a point in trying to second-guess that decision. We were generally in good shape at RB with Green and White (that sounds funny) and STE got to contribute as a backup receiver.

Q4: Bona fide starting RB in this league regardless of passport? A: Sure looks that way.

Q5: Equally good at all three phases (running, catching, blocking)? A: Great hands - haven’t really paid enough attention to his blocking, TBH.

Q6: Is he glad he didn’t sign with his home-town Alouettes this past off-season? A: I’m gonna say, oui.

Q7: The next Andrew Harris? A: Way, WAY too early to make that comparison. Why would someone even ask that?

The trick might be keeping him healthy. He has been nicked up in both games so far. Irons looked good in relief, but how long do you ride that horse of just using Canadian running backs

And, he only played the first 3 quarters!

Incredible performance! :slight_smile:

Balanced offence, who woulda thunk it

Our Oline is outstanding

Rookie Malik Irons also had some good runs

I’m not sure why a Canadian at Running Back is a problem? We have lots of ratio flexibility to deal with any in game injuries.

He sure did. IMO he deserves to be the #2 RB over Bennett.

From Uncle Milty: