Staying Positive

get connop off the line ffs
get brack back to lb...he is crap for coverage...always has been...the big hits are too few and far between to put him there now...PUT A FN CANADIAN THERE (see point 1)

They were more aggressive on D, and take away 1 run they actually did fairly well overall...some missed tackles and all..but the D did ok until the Riders O died off.

CC rants D non stop
His D sucks
The skill IS there...they have the players
He needs to go...if he wont bring in a DC this week then he needs to be axed after this next game...the only thing that should spare him is a 20 point win.

Oh...And I have said it before...Glenn is famous for having great games and throwing that exact ball with the lead...always been his thing.


Agree. Especially on the Connp, Brack, and Glenn points.

No question Cory is holding on to his job by a very thin haiir and if it wasn't fro the contract extension I think he would have been turfed after this last game.

Interesting perspective. I have to agree! I would start house cleaning with Brendon Taman without question.

Who do you put at safety with MacDougall out?? Our Canadian talent is getting very thin with all the injuries........

I think the Rider executive gives 2 more games (til bye week) to see this team turn it around... And I think to provide the least disruption, it may be Taman that gets axed first. Ultimately he is the guy who is the boss for talent we have, and that talent is getting old. I also think he has mismanaged our Canadian depth over the last 3 years as well. O'Day could fill in on an interim basis, and it would cause the least amount of disruption to day to day operations of the team.

IMO, the Taman/CC combo has to be split up. And unfortunately, I don't think Taman has the marbles to axe CC first.

This could also be the wake-up call to all the players and coaches that losing won't be tolerated. It may also satisfy the fans appetite to have someone fired too! LOL

Oh there little doubt in my mind the sharks are circling and they want to feed. Who they feed on I don't think it really matters, the blood lust is thick in the air right now. Firing Tahman may be a good thing but does it really solve the problem? I think Cory has been the conductor of this orchestra and man they have hit a sour note. Cory wanted his guys and I would think he would have given a list of players he wanted. IF Tahman delivered as asked by Cory then it's pretty hard to lay this at Tahman's feet. I think Tahman's biggest mistake was publicly making a commitment to Cory as far as firing him goes. While admirable to be a stand up guy, business wise it probably is suicide. Yes I'm sure Tahman is feeling the gun being pointed at the back of his head but I als o think it was Cory that put the gun there in the first place.

Carter…then West…then…Webber. Downgrade or not, you can hide a Safety’s flaws a lot more than you can a DLman. All 3 of those can hit and Carter is one of the best tacklers on the team.

It is a package deal…that was established a week ago with BT’s comments…unless changes his mind on CC for the BOG

The problem is that CC doesn’t believe the D is as bad is it is. Also, in his words after the game, “We brought heat.” Sure…a pile more than normal…but connop was pushed around again. Hall had a very good game but the lines, both sides, are only as strong as their weakest link. There are few other roles in sports in which that is as true as in football with the lines.

I believe a QB making some VERY impressive plays when he needed to won this game…I don’t think the D played that bad overall…but when you are 0 and X you don’t get the benefit of doubt

Can the O improve…sure…but they are already #1 in the league. The D is horrid, and was the strength of the team last season…no it may as well sit on the bench to not risk injury

Regardless of CC being the conductor or not, if Taman bent to all CC's whims and wishes, it is still on Taman. He is CC's boss and is in charge of the roster for the present and the future... If Taman is fired, that should put the required pressure on Cory to get this team turned around... Otherwise he is next. It also satisfies the extended contract thing (for a few more games anyways)... And it satisfies the shark food thing (until they get hungry again)

Plus O'Day can fill in until they interview for the guy they want. And let O'Day interview as well

OK so...has this Quick character actually done anything as a DC? Could he actually be capable but hasn't had the chance because CC wont let him? thoughts?....

Capable or not, CC won't really let him. Even him backing off is still heavy handed in what happens. CC will probably be a good HC in time...but he may need a humbling or 2....his youth is working against him as his inexperience is overcompensating.

This is Quick's bio from the Rider site:

[i]Quick arrives in Saskatchewan with a wealth of coaching experience spanning over 30 years in both the professional and collegiate levels. Most recently Quick was the linebackers coach for the Montreal Alouettes in 2014.

Quick joined the Northwood University Timberwolves as the team’s offensive coordinator for the 2012 season after spending the 2010 and 2011 seasons as linebackers coach with the Toronto Argonauts.

Quick’s coaching career dates back to 1979 when he was named the defensive coordinator at Emporia State. He then went on to Heidelberg College as offensive coordinator in 1985 before moving to New Mexico State where he was linebackers coach. His first head coaching experience at the collegiate level came at the University of Chicago in 1989, a position he held for five seasons. He was then the head coach at St. Norbert College from 1994 to1999 before eventually holding the same role at Concord University from 2003 to 2008.[/i]

The guy has coached for over 30 years as a pro and in college. Has been LB coach, DC, OC, and head coach during that time. He did very good work with our linebackers last year (though, of course, he had a great group in Cox, Woods, and Venable/Hebert).

Quick has coached for longer than most of the players under him have been alive but he's taking orders from a guy with seven years of coaching experience and only one year of experience as a defensive coordinator. IMO he's pretty much just a cipher in Chamblin's vision for the D at the moment.

So basically, Quick could have this D running a lot better but his hands are tied. Oh well, we'll see what happens when diabetes joins the team as DC. Can't get any worse really.

I think after last week against Winnipeg, their offence has improved.

Funny....Edmonton Sun was reporting that they are a bit worried about attendance since the Riders are sucking so bad. Just go's to show that all the teams in the league actually bank on rider games.

No way to know, of course, but to me it's not unreasonable to think that a veteran coach like Quick would not, of his own volition, be overtaxing his players the way depop is suggesting. The schematic mistakes so far speak of an inexperienced / stubborn coach putting his own vision ahead of the actual talents of the players he has. That kind of inflexibility generally doesn't end well for the coach.