Staying Positive

Blst! I'm sick of staying positive. I like CC but he is coddling the room too much. Players who suck need to be cut. Lots of injuries, I don't care. If you don't perform, the door is over there. Use the damn thing.

Brackenridge is done. Love the guy but he's done. He needed a break out game today, instead he was beyond awful. Easily the worst game of his career. He has lost it. Not just a step, ALL of it. He used to hit, he used to cover he used to blitz, he used to cause turnovers and make plays, he used to be around the ball on every play. Now he's embarrassingly behind the play constantly. He's done. He's finished. Bench him or release him.

Anthony Allen even WORSE. Complete lack of interest in getting his hands dirty blocking. I have no use for this lazy b**tch. Cut his sorry ass yesterday.

No more of this we're close, let's be positive. This aint f**king kindergarten. Cut guys who don't perform! Keeping them around just lowers the performance bar for the whole room. I like the idea of family but a place in the family has to be EARNED first (Sun Tzu's Art of War). If players aren't fearing for their job they coast. You must earn your spot every week. If not, here's your ticket home.

F**K am I pissed off!

I didn't watch the game but I heard there were a lot of empty this true?

No it was pretty full, attendance was over 31k.

So your a tad unhappy I take it? :lol: I hear you and agree and yes Brack had a terrible game. Not sure if he is trying to do too much or what it is. Yes that terrible bite on that td pass was a rookie mistake and yes as I mentioned he had a clean shot at Collaros from the blind side and he all but misses him. I want to see him lower the boom on Collaros and knock him into next week like Hamilton tried to do to Glenn, he could have done it cleanly too. Instead he tries to arm tackle him instead of putting his shoulder pad right between the shoulder blades and lay him out.

I don't feel Brack is done or he should be released. Lol he would go to another team and be a star. Like I said I think he is trying too hard to do too much. Yes he has to be better though.

well....they're going to get pummeled in Edmonton next week. Sad to say..but it's true. I think it's time for CC to concede that he cannot be a HC and DC

If Glenn can go we have a chance. Edmonton has not looked very good offensively this year.

I disagree. To me he just looks bad out there. Against the Argos he looked slow but I cut him slack since he was coming off a camp injury. In BC he tried to jump a pick and missed that turned into a big gain for the Lions. The past 3 years he would have made that play. He just doesn't have it anymore. Today, not only the busted coverage, his blitzes were completely ineffective, they sent him 8 or 9 times and he got near him maybe once. The worst was the one where Gable picked him up off the edge and chipped him, but the chip was quite weak. Brack got past him easily but then stopped. If y ou watch his helmet on the play he looks back to Gable, then back at Collaros, then back at Gable, not knowing what to do, get the QB or cover the back, well you gotta do ONE of them, instead he does none, Collaros takes time to set, then bubbles easy over TBrack to Gable who runs for 14 yards and a 1st down. The Riders effectively played with 11 men on that play. WTF was Brackenridge doing?? Then of course the obvious, launching his body at the receiver like a missile, bouncing off, allowing nice extra YAC.

His game is GONE. It hurts to say it but he's got nothing. This defense can't afford to have that, especially from one of it's leaders. If the star plays THAT badly the rest of the guys have a low bar to clear to stay on the team. He MUST go.

That's all on Nicholls. But we won't see Nicholls next week, we will see Franklin, who is 3 times the QB. Riders never win at Commonwealth at the best of times. They're gonna get smoked. It's going to be embarrassing.

I don't think they'll start Franklin. We've only seen him against a defeated Bomber squad, so it's not much to go on yet. Tino looked pretty good in relief last year and we saw how he did starting with all the pressure on him. Edmonton still has a pretty good D, but I don't think they're scaring too many people offensively just yet.

We got a good look at him in the pre season in Fort Mac. He's got a lot more game than Nicholls.

Edmonton is an excellent team looking for a QB and now they've got one.

Lol he never should have thought he could be both in the first place. God help us if they do decide in one last desperate act to keep Cory and bring in Benevidies as DC but after a game or two decide to let Cory go. That would leave the door wide open to make Benevides the HC and watch the sh** hit the fan. A total cluster muck in the making if that happens.

That would be the last straw in my books and I would clean house. Taman would have to go for sure. I could possibly stomach bringing Benevides in as the DC but to give him the HC job is just not an acceptable solution.

I think Nichols gets the start but with an extremely short leash. Any signs of the offense struggling and he is done. It doesn't matter with our defense anyways. They could start Nichols grandmother and she would shred our D without taking a hit in the process. :roll:

I am really positive. Positive-----my team can't stop the run. Positive----they can't stop the pass. Positive----they can't pressure a QB. Positive----they don't know how to tackle. And positive---- that we have the worst D in the league. :thup:

With the loss to Ham on Sunday, the Riders are officially 29-30 with CC as Head Coach. I guess that makes him a LOSER? His only season, anywhere, as DC was in Ham in 2011. They were 8-10 that year. With our 0-5 record this year that gives CC a 8-15 record as DC. He is a marginal HC and a disaster as DC. Riders D is the worst in the league in every category! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! We clearly need a replacement at one of those coaching positions. Get his ego out of the way. I am positive--- He bites as DC.
CC needs to change his attitude towards the Canadian talent on the team. It is no coincidence that Ridernation is seeing Canadian former team members on other teams as starters. Fortunately, this is the CFL. The race for the playoffs starts after Labour Day. Our offence is playing well enough to win. Time to re-tool the defense. Starting with the coordinator. A 9-9 season record is not out of grasp, but we need to see something big on D this week.

Just sayin'.

We're not going to see huge impovements in the D from one week to the next. I can hear CC now if they have a have decent game, and still lose of course, after Edmonton..."would've loved the W this week BUT We made some improvements in the D over last week so we're happy with that" .....wait for it folks, lol.

Don't you mean CC can't be a HC OR DC

I really don't want to see Cory gone completly. Changing HC mid season or even earlier is pretty much a waste of time and more done to show the fans that they won't stand for the situation any longer.

Now I think they have to put their foot down on him being both HC and DC. He never was a good DC in the first place so why they even allowed him to take on both jobs is mind boggling .

Get someone in that is very good as a DC and bite the bullet until he gets up to speed. If they still are as bad as they are now then I guess it doesn't matter if they roll a few heads and bring in a new HC and GM at that time or the end of the season.

If Lapo was interested and was willing to take it on late in the season then fine make the switch. If he wanted to wait until this nightmare was over for the year then that would be fine too.

Time 4 Chamblin 2 take the hint 2 give up the D calls. That is why there is a DC. Let him do the job. Can't b any worse than the first five games.:-

2 more games til the bye week to figure things out. At 0 - 5, they have created a deep hole to get out of. The positive thing is that other Western teams all have issues right now as well. The Riders are only 6 points out of 2nd place, and have yet to play Calgary or Edmonton.

Right now some of the veterans on this team (who are supposed to be leaders), need to start playing better..

If CC or Taman cannot get the team turned around before the bye week, kiss the season goodbye and start thinking for the future. This will include actually TRADING some assets for value, and focusing on getting younger. If the executive feel the need that Taman or CC need to be fired, do it sooner than later... Target the guys you want for coach and GM and start implementing vision for the future today. This would also give new people a chance to evaluate players for offseason moves and strategy

I'll say it again... 2 games to straighten it up. Coaches and players need to show some accountability. Otherwise light the fuse on the dynamite stick....

My two cents on Chamblin, and no offense meant to Rider fans:

Chamblin, to me, is someone who just wants to climb the ladder as fast as possible and by any means necessary, without taking the time to learn his craft at each level. In other words, he's a careerist who looks out for himself first and foremost. He started his CFL career as a DB coach with the Stampeders, and did well enough, but lost no time in taking credit for the defenses that Chris Jones, the team's DC at the time, put together. Consider this snippet from Chamblin's bio on the Rider site: "Chamblin spent three seasons working with the defensive backs in Calgary where the Stamps secondary had great success and were looked upon as some of the toughest defensive backs in the CFL. In 2008 the Stamps claimed the Grey Cup after holding the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Anthony Calvillo without a touchdown pass in the championship game."

:lol: Seriously, he tries to take credit for the Stamps' Cup win and holding Calvillo without a passing TD as [i]DB coach[/i]? That is flat-out embarrassing.

Then he moves to Hamilton and spends one mediocre year as defensive coordinator & db coach before jumping ship to Saskatchewan. He wins the Grey Cup in year one with a stacked roster and by leaning heavily on the experience of his two veteran assistants, Cortez and Hall. Two years later, he's turfed them both in an attempt to put "his" stamp on the team, and what's left? The evidence that "his" stamp is not something to be desired. I think the Grey Cup win went to his head and gave him an inflated sense of his own ability. The truth is that he never put in the time to learn the craft of coaching at the coordinator level. So his attempt to take charge of the defense this year has been a disaster. I mean, he's trying to make Quick the rookie neophyte and Quick has 30 -- count 'em, 30 -- years of coaching experience at different levels. Quick has coached on both sides of the ball, been DC, OC, and head coach, and he's now on a team where his boss has exactly one year's experience as a defensive coordinator but who is nonetheless acting like he's the font of football wisdom.

Chamblin had better watch it with the "I'm a great coach and will be employed elsewhere" line, because it's not at all clear that he'll be able to find work in the CFL except as a position coach if he gets canned. His resume as a DC is not anything to write home about.