Staying Positive

Hard to do, I know, but please try to stay positive in this thread, theres about 50 other threads for being negative. So, what I saw tonight, Printers played well, he just needs some more time to throw the ball, Pat Woodcock made some nice catches, Scott Mitchell had a good first game and should be much better by the end of the year, and Kori Dickerson applied the most pressure of anyone tonight. Oh, and Tre Smith is tonights MVP, had some great returns and had the one touchdown. Ok, that's what I have to say.

Ok, in the interest of staying positive.. Could Printers have thrown the ball in practice so that it wouldn't be a new experience for him on game day?

Printers was 15/21 with 2 or 3 more completions called back by penalties and at least 2 dropped passes.
That loss wasn't on him.

Its the blame the starting QB agenda that surfaces after week 1...

I wasn't trying to lay blame on anyone. It takes a whole team to win or lose, not just one guy. I only meant that our games seem to look like practices. Stupid mistakes like those made tonight usually happen in practice. Games days should be on another level.

I say we have a rookie team and it will
take await to jel. It could take as long
as two years before we make the play-offs
but when the team becomes successful it
will be there for some time.
So if you can't wait then too bad.
find another team to support.

Oh yeah I forgot.

Which agenda is it that surfaces after week 2? Do we start blaming the 3rd-string field goal holder?

Give us a break. We have been waiting long enough.
On a positive note Printers looked good at times and some of the receivers showed promise.

Ron Lancaster

I for one have no problem positive, or at least optimistic, after tonight’s game. I didn’t expect a team made up mostly of rookies and second year players to fire on all cylinders in week one, and they didn’t.

The Cats made mistakes in all three facets of the game and Calvillo, when healthy, is still good enough to take advantage of those mistakes. The offense started out slowly but Printers was able to move the ball for half of the game. For the most part the team continued to play even when it was too late to compete.

It was a pretty dull game overall, and the officials certainly didn’t help with the momentum, but overall I see reason for some optimism in all but a few areas.

Printers did not make any major mistakes tonight, other then the botched snap, but that also goes on Hage.

Any interceptions? no. More then 50% of completions thrown and over 200 yards thrown with a very limited TOP. Not to mention the # of times he eluded opposing players and rushed out of the pocket for some very positive yardage.

IMHO, Printers was the MVP tonight.

What does that mean??????

Blame who ever you gotta to vent your anger. Printers was not the issue tonight.

Good thing Casey has Danny as a mentor this year. He may need Danny's wisdom in dealing with the hostility Hamilton holds towards its starting quarterback.

The issue tonight was mainly coaching, the run defence could have been better, but thats all i will say as this is a positive thread.

Positives: Printers looked very good for game one. A few recievers looked like they will be ok. I really liked what I saw from Mitchell, Miles & Woodcock seemed like they can catch. :thup: Hopefully next game the list can be much longer

Printers was bouncing around on the sidelines
itching to get out there, encouraging his team-mates

and I am talking about the 4th quarter
when the game was long out of hand.

Casey is a winner. He will not accept losing.

The Offence will soon be clicking big time.


Good thread, chris101.

Speaking as an Als fan, I don't know how anyone can rag on Printers. He was working his tail off last night and firing bullets all over the field. Not his fault his receivers dropped or fumbled the ball and never got open. Also not his fault that the playcalling was so poor.