Staying In Winnipeg Question

Where are the best hotel locations for attending a Bomber home game and what about the best ways to get to and from the stadium? I hear that it’s a pain getting to the stadium. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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There aren’t any hotels really close to the stadium. If you have kids I’d probably suggest Canad Inns Pembina or Holiday Inn Pembina Highway. 4 Points by Sheraton on Pembina is also close.

I heard the Hyatt House on Wilkes or Hilton on Kenaston are slightly higher quality though I can’t personally vouch.

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Good suggestions for a hotel. If you want to spend less there are a few drive up motor inns fairly close to the stadium although it doesn’t sound like you are driving but you could still stay there.

Transportation to the game is easy although some patience is required. If you go online you will find several places around Winnipeg that offer free bus shuttles to and from the stadium sponsored by the Bombers and Winnipeg transit. Several restaurants including Boston Pizza also offer free shuttles. You can always cab it but that is pricey and not much quicker than bus shuttles.

Good luck and enjoy the game and the stadium.

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Park and ride is available from various locations around Winnipeg (check the Bomber site).
Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent has a park and ride from their parking lot. Rooms start at $168.
Park and ride is the only reasonable way to get to IG Field. Just hop on the bus, pay $5 when exiting the bus (this is the entire fare…it includes return), remember which bus number to return on (Club Regent is #2), line up for your bus at the end of the game (be prepared for a rather long que, #2 bus line up is at the north-east ramp of the stadium.
McPhillip’s Street Station may be similar but I’m not familiar with it.
The other park and ride locations are not immediately beside a hotel so these two locations would be your best logistical options.


So by the sounds of it hotel location isn’t really important as there are shuttle buses and Winnipeg transit to get to the game. Thanks everybody for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

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I’ve done the McPhillips st one a bunch of times. Agree that it is the easiest way to get to & from. This is the page for the park & ride: Park and Ride - Winnipeg Blue Bombers


If you fancy walking back and forth and don’t mind the dark (I’ve walked down this path a couple times and it’s safe), the Canad Inns Pembina does have the Bishop Grandin Greenway nearby that goes under Abinojii Mikanah (formerly Bishop Grandin). Its about half an hour. The path is the green on the attached screenshot.

For any other mode of transportation besides walking, be prepared for the heavy traffic in the area. If you have patience it isn’t so bad. Some days I have less of it than others.

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I looked at the green trail on your screenshot. I’d suggest less drinking if that is your path!

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The Oxford Hotel or the St Boniface provide affordable accommodations and on site food and beverage options.