Staying in the 'Peg: Jefferson inks one-year deal with Bombers

WINNIPEG — Willie Jefferson is staying in Winnipeg.

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The pieces are starting to come together. Looks like the core of the team has bought in for another run at it.

Don't be surprised if they don't re-sign Andrew Harris, this will free up some cash to sign the other big names.

They are running out of cash to afford everybody , don’t think Harris will be offered a contract as you have 2 other young Canadian backs to replace him

Great move. Still cry over my Riders losing him. I am starting to foresee another BB run next yeat

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Do you know what the amounts of the contracts are? Nothing in these articles indicate the amounts so how do you know the Bombers are "running out of cash"? Its possible the players may be taking less than you think so that they can stay with the Bombers

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Reported $225 for Jefferson and $175 for Jeffcoat. Harris will sign a heavily discounted deal imo.

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Riddle me this.

How much have the Bombers currently spent?
How much do the Bombers have left too spend?

Seams to me you know all Re: Bombers finances.


They'll fudge the books

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Only Winnipeg? Or Riders as well? can smell what the Bombers are cooking


Cup, salary for Jefferson $225K up from $205K this past year when he was the highest paid DE in the league. Now the top paid D player in the CFL. According to 3DownNation the threat of leaving for Edmonton played into the salary. Jeffcoat gets $175K. The top 10 this past year were Jefferson (1) to Sewell (10) @ $109K. Jefferson was under that. So you're looking at minimum $100K increases for the 2 of them. This is proof positive the Bombers have to dump salary somewhere unless you think Collaros is going to take less than Reilly or Bo. He's getting less than Adams Jr. at his current salary. Those 3 players are going to add up to $200K between them. Bomber finances are irrelevant. Everyone has the same CAP. With revenue sharing in place, they are going to have to be even more careful, like everyone else. I don't see the CAP going up this year. So, yeah, I think dealer & thunder got it right. Easiest place to lose salary is Harris' $170K he got this past year. You're looking at a big raise for Lawler who's agent sees the contract Begelton landed & Lawler isn't anywhere near what the top dozen got paid last year. The price of success, Cup.
News just in. Maier got $120K with $60K in playing bonuses. Allows him to keep Bo & Maier. Gotta give it to Hufnagel. That's some negotiating. Darn Stamps.

I'm so pleased we have the esteem financial group of Deal, Pants & Green over seeing our books.

I can sleep peacefully tonight.

You need someone to help you with the math. 1 +1 = 5 ???? I'm available - bring your wallet.

No problem with my math

1 + 1 = Back to Back Grey Cups

I seam to recall everyone saying the same thing for the 2021 season.....yet here we are.


A little error in your calculations, Sewell was prorated to $109 from $135, this opens up another $26K. Jefferson also took a pay decrease from $265 down to $205, now $225 so another $40K savings based off his 2020 signing. The cost of signing the 2 best DEs in the league is up about $40K over past salaries. Harris will be the hometown discount this year signing for about $70K less than 2021, putting another $30K in the books for Biggie or Zack. It's tough signing back the best ball players, but Walters seems to be finding ways.


Let the haters hate. The best players at their position cost money and Winnipeg have a lot of them. Nice thing is they have the best in other positions that stay for discount because they want to play here. The $25K bonus at the end of the season which 6 or 7 teams won't be able to offer is enticing too.


What's that? Paying players under the table?

Discounts huh.

Playoff $$$ and a Gargantuas ring doesn't hurt either.

We need to keep Harris, someone to swing Riders around by their helmets.

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400,000 for only 2 players on your D line is a lot now they can only afford McGuire as their starter lol

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