Stay The Course

Firstly, let me say that I am new to this forum, however being a fan for many years, I read the postings almost every day. Further, I realize there are many people using this forum that know a heck of a lot more about the game than I do but there are some things I just have to get off my chest. So here goes.

The disappointment and frustration of the fans with our team is very apparent, both at the stadium, and in this forum, and rightfully so. But I believe all is not lost.

Over the years I have noticed that there are two main charactistics of winning teams, that is, consistency, (playing well) and winning the battles (games) you need to win. Unfortunately, our boys do not show either of these two. The reasons are open to anyone's opinion but this is my view. Right now our team is not playing football, they are playing at it. You cannot orchestrate a football game or any other professional sport to the point of telling players where to stand, where to go, and what to do. You have to tell them what their responsibilites are and let them play. This means letting their experience, instincts, and gut feelings guide them. I believe if you do these things, they will find a way to win!! Coaches need to guide them but not control them like robots. We have the players we need to win, but we need to create the conditions where they can excell at what they do best. This means putting the right players in the right positions and let then play. If the coaching staff could only get back to the basics of game, they would come to understand this. A playbook should not be an encyclopedia, but a guide with plays that everyone can understand and execute without confusion. If some of these principles were applied, I believe we would achieve consistency, and win those battles.

Okay, I'm done! So I say to all the fans to "Stay the course" and hopefully we will turn things around. Thanks

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