Stay the course

Ok, I have finally calmed down and will now use my brain, instead of my built up agry emotion, to analyze last night’s game and our situation. Being a season ticket holder for about 22 years, I believe this team in its current form (including the Head coach, scouting staff, coordinators, GM and president, etc.) have the correct group/team to build not only a contender but also a team which challenges for the division lead each year. Since the Little General, this is our 4th coach. I have more confidence in this one than any previous. He is a professional coach. Let’s keep in mind, this is his first HC position. He will make a couple of errors. The reason I say stay the course is as follows:

1.) Offense is better than any other team in recent memory (including the 1998 and 1999 teams)
2.) Special teams is strong with 5 returns and no returns against (that I recall)
3.) Tremendous offensive talent. Best receivers in the league
4.) Chris Williams (he is that good he gets a point of his own)
5.) Developing a QB ( Porter will be the future) when was the last time we ever did that?
6.) Although they had a few major errors (i.e. going for the INT instead of securing the tackle) in last night’s game, DB’s are playing better than in the last several years
7.) Seem to be finding some defense talent (examples, Davis and Boudreau) – Just need more
8.) Sound fan base and best owner in the league

With all that we can still be better (every team has areas of weakness).

1.) We need some size in the middle of the D. I think putting Peach in the middle might be a good thing. It looks to me as if he has lost a step.
2.) We need a better run game. We need to dress Avon. We need that 1-2 punch
3.) With 2 above, we need to figure out something with our offensive line. They are getting pushed around and the coach was right to pass on 3rd and 1 late in the game yesterday. The play call was a very high percentage play and if not for a helmet would have been complete.
4.) DC needs to adjust his thinking and rush more than just 4. We can’t let the QB site in the pocket all day. This is why Elliot looked so good last night. If he cannot adjust, this might be the only significant change we need to make.

Well said. I like and agree with just about everything you said. And like you, I too have calmed down.

The only point I'm not 100% in agreement with you #5. Porter...developing the future QB. Is he the future? More importantly...are we developing him or is he developing? I really don't know a I don't see any signs of it. Don't get me wrong....I've always liked him but he has always been so inconsistent in past years. And so far this season...he's rarely been put in. Only lately for short yardage and now for holding the kicks. I hope he develops. But so far for me....he's an unknown.

I hear you. But think ok AC, after he left us, he sat behind Tracy Ham for 3 or 4 years. He only became a starter in Montreal at the age of 31. Quinton Porter is 30 and hopefully will absorb some of the good from Burris. My point is, at least we are trying to develop a guy. I don't remember the last time we did that.