Stay the Course

Okay, none of us like losing, BUT, I think we have to stay the course now and work with what we have.

It would be a big mistake to start making wholesale changes now, just for the sake of making changes.

A lot of people have been saying get rid of Desjardins and Taaffe. It's only week 3!

We have a new G-M, new head coach, new assistant coaches and a host of new players.

The only way all of these people will improve, is if they stay together.

Next year, they will all have a year under their belts. Two years from now, they will have yet another years experience.

If we constantly make changes, we will constantly be in a rebuilding mode. What we need is veteran leadership, and the only way we turn rookies into veterans, is to keep them...from the coaches to the players. We have some good talent to work with here, in every area of the team. Let's not give up on people too early, and let them become stars somewhere else. We've done it before.

Sure, we have to tweak some positions, but to have a revolving door, starting from the top onward down, would be a huge mistake. We would constantly be rebuilding and never be on solid ground.

It might be tough to swallow now, but if we can stomach the growing pains, the wins will come.

Well said... Im in for the long haul..


Great post!

Count me in!

I am there too .

Whats with the lousy attendence vs the als?

I will always be there. Black and Gold Forever!!!

That game was the kind of effort and guile that I expect week after week, win or lose.

If we can build upon that, by midseason we will have a club we can rightly be proud of, regardless of the standings. Such competitiveness will start producing wins soon enough.

Oski Wee Wee,

If we listened to the pundits on this board, all of our players would be cut.

I see lots of positives with this team and am looking forward to the BC game.

Btw, I found the Als game entertaining, a big step forward from the Argo game.

The team, overall, put in an excellent effort. Yes, a couple of major blunders but overall, this team is starting to look ok and improving a lot as everyone gets comfortable with new players and coaches. Entertaining game Saturday night for sure, let the naysayers and whiners stay home all they want.

So only tearing down the team once during the off season is enough?

Staying the course with the new G.M. and coaches
and majority of new players that we brought in?

I am sure that's too radical a concept
for some fans who haven't read this yet.

I doubt it will catch on with many of them
but I am all for it in spades, tigerrag77.

That's right!

You guys just keep closely watching the scoreboard and the standings. When we are 0-18, which is now highly likely given Montreal at our home field last Saturday was the soft spot on our schedule this season, please make sure you let me know what should be done then. Every game from now on just gets tougher starting with BC, trust me.

Permanent Deja Vu is getting ridiculous but you people keep on having faith in this mess. Me, I am going to continue going to the rooftops screaming for yet another complete rebuild (won't this be at least the fourth one under Bob The Caretaker in four years)???

Wasn't this current one supposed to yield immediate results according to the massive pre season PR Machine? Who ever heard of fielding a young team to develop without keeping key veterans to assist in their development and just how to you think this is going to get done now without them? What a joke!

Everybody outside of Hamilton is laughing at us and feeling sorry for us at the same time. What have we got to lose under these brutal circumstances except more games which we are already doing quite effectively right now. Wake Up!

Go! Cats! Go! Oskiweewee Forever!

Stay the course.
Marcel ( I have a soft spot for Laurentian U Sports Admin grads :slight_smile:) and Charlie are winners.
However that should not prevent us from howling about the obvious problems that we see and don't get fixed.

Great example of circular logic.

Why do you bother coming on here?

Speak of the devil!


You just keep on hoping.

Me, I won't stop going to every game sitting firmly in my seat until the last whistle or EVER shut up and stop pressuring upper management until we get a REAL winner again!

This great franchise and its many Die Hard Fans deserves SOOOOO much better!

Go! Cats! Go! Osikiweewee Forever!

BTW - I keep coming on here to keep the rest of you Alice in Wonderland Fans fully informed of what's REALLY going to continue to happen in the future without more HUGE changes!

People... there are 29 new faces on this team. Did you really expect them to gel by now?? That's totally unrealistic.

stox seems like quite a loyal fan.. you have to give him/her that. I think stox is just too angry.

Great post. Patience...things are looking better every week. With Dyakowski anchoring the line and Cheron back soon, the line is getting better. A QB is as good as his OL!

I was impressed/optimistic when they zoomed in on the new Cats offensive coordinator during the game. To me he looked calm, cool and took lots of notes. No panic on his face.

That can only mean one of two things... He is really good and will soon lead us to some wins or he hasn't got clue what's going on. :roll:

I think he will be good and that we getting close to getting it all together.

Based on every single post you've made, I think someone needs to keep you informed of what's really happening.

Seems to me that you're just howling for another rebuild so that you can howl for another rebuild. What happens when that fails after 3 games? fire 'em all again and try a different coach? I suppose we just fire the coach and GM every three games and see where that gets us.

For a "die hard" fan you have absolutely no faith in anyone the professionals hire. What makes you think you know any better? Something called common sense tells me that if the Tiger-Cat's management got suddenly stupid and listened to anything you have to say we would actually achieve that 0-18 makr you seem convinced we'll be at by year's end.

If you're so sure that we won't win a game and that this team is so worthless, as you've stated time and again, why do you come? Are you a masochist? Do you really think that cramming you're baseless opinions down everyone's throat actually engenders yourself to anyone?

Man, get a grip and calm down. For a "die hard" who claims to have watched this team for years, you seem to have no understanding of what rebuilding actually means.

I have faith. I'll stay the course and continue to believe right up until the moment a PROFESSIONAL tells me we're mathematically eliminated. Eevn then, I'll still cheer my team to the bitter end, all the time trusting the PAYED PROFESSIONALS to do their jobs.