Stay the course. 2007 team or 2014 team

Boys. I know this is the most frustrating team we've seen since the 2014 squad which started the year 1-6.

But I may be crazy, but I vote stay the course. What happened to that team in 2014 anyone remember? Grey Cup appearance. We lost, granted but that shows how quickly you can turn a season around.

We get Kanneh in the lineup hopefully Week 4 vs BC. Maybe Eman Davis Week 5 or 6 (fingers crossed.) Craig Butler who knows but we just need him back.

All the Sudden the Secondary with those vets and all stars doesn't look to shabby. Our D line will be fine Chick Laurent Coleman/Atkinson Capicotti/Tracy honestly there are some all stars here. No concerns.

Linebackers Good, Simmy Dean and Will Hill works for me (that is if Kent doesn't cut him :lol: )

Now on offence. Some minor tweaks here and there; Sign Jeremy Lewis that simple. He's a RT. he'd take over for Swindle who I think has looked like a hunk of hot garbage so far, getting bull rushed and pancaked repeatedly. Have a receiving core of
-Jones (Until Fantuz is back which I hope by Labour Day.)

CJ Gable Ross Scheureman toss up to me. Both can block although CJ has the edge there I think Ross can catch better out of the back field. Both have slightly different running styles. One thing I have thought about is, Stating Timmis at RB letting yourself start another International Reciever? (Thoughts) I mean we barely use a RB anyway. If he can block that's what I would be doing.

And drumroll please

We need Jeff Matthews!

Keep Zach upright and watch him tear the league apart. But if he plays scared to run, use the HOLY MOLY JEREMIAH MASOLI wildcat package A LOT more than you already are.

There's no point firing Kent or blowing up the team now... if the end of the season is a bad as the beginning, then make changes, but for now we might as well see what happens. Good point about 2014.

"It's not about where you come from, it's about where you finish"? I hope you are correct in your assessment ticats42, as we really don't have too many choices, do we? I wonder if last night we saw two franchises heading in opposite directions.

After two sub-par outings, we have nowhere to go but up. Can't do anything worse than 9th place over-all, so why not make incremental tweeks, and see where it takes us.

Our next 6 games

BC, EDM,@ CGY, @EDM, WPG, OTT and then our 2nd bye

Can you say Owen 8

Zach must threaten to run himself at some point. If he continues not to then that will continue to allow defenses to have a large advantage.

Easy to say as a fan I realize but one of the elements that made Zach special was that he would take off and run. Defenses had to prep for that which also made them stay up tighter. At this juncture the d can give up that additional 5 yards knowing Zach will wait and wait trying to find a pass play.

It is also my observation/opinion that he is to often not planting his feet when he is flushed out or rolls out at the point he decides to throw which is causing his passes to float.

Running for your life might do that I suppose but running even for a couple of yards would make the d play more toward the line of scrimmage, obviously depending on down, distance etc…

I am not sure why the Cats also don’t roll out more with the RB as well which would give more options.

Certainly one reason is obvious in that the o-line is allowing to much pressure to quickly. However, you can at least slow that down a bit more with the roll out and not just to one side.

I like the screen pass but would it not be more affective to do that as a middle screen, not as was tried last evening as a screen to the right side. You use all three o-linemen and even possibly 4 with a well executed middle screen.

Agree totally with 4242 The Cats must, absolutely must shore up the right tackle position. To use a baseball phrase Mr. S. can at best get one more opportunity 3 strikes and you’re out. This is pro football he must protect Zach this week or he must be replaced.

Absolutely must get as much of our experienced secondary back asap. It is very difficult to have two or more dbs learning on the job. We’ve seen two veteran qbs, their offensive coordinators and veteran receivers recognize those matchups and immediatley exploit them in both games.

Oh well, my two cents, here’s hoping we can find a way to win against the Lions.

We have BC coming next folks. 0 - 3 I have to say sadly!

Agree with you Rev! Having four inexperienced DBs in the secondary can only make experienced coordinators and QBs lick their chops. The more experienced DBs can help the younger ones to figure were to be on the field but right now Stephen is the only one back there and he can't do it all.
As for Zach doing more running - he seemed to have the perfect opportunity on one play late in the game last night when he was brought down by a "shoestring" tackle (actually back of the leg). He had a wide open seam but appeared to be still looking to make a pass down the field so of course wasn't running quickly as he was trying to stay behind the LoS. Of course I don't know what he saw in front of him for defenders (limits of what the TV screen shows) but I wondered why he didn't take off and run for the FD on that play.
I heard on the TSN post game show (Coach Sal) that the team had practiced a number of plays to try to alleviate the pressure for Collaros but then used virtually none of them! Can't understand why especially earlier in the game as it didn't really get away from them until the fourth unless it had something to do with the injury to Filer although he did return in the second half.

I am hoping for a win vs Edmonton because I'll be at the game! (won some tickets). I get to very few games but the Ticats have always won when I'm there! :slight_smile: :wink: