stay off the feild

at the west final there were at least 5 people who got on to the feild.these asses are not fans.stay off the feild losers.i pay to see a game not freaks in pink fairy suits fluttering around on the field.

The way to make this problem disappear is to have police dogs at the stadium - if someone wants to go out and run around like a fool, the dogs could certainly take care of them - certainly dogs would catch them in much shorter order than the security people that they use now.

I would also bet that if someone knew they were going to be taken down for a dog, the problem would become non-existent.

You're right BigDog. When I saw those idiots I was hoping security was packing pepper spray or cattle prods to deal with them.

What was up with those two guys dressed as fairies? That was just creepy.

they are going to be caught anyway so why even do it

Although I'm sure this solution is not feasible due to some serious problems (lawsuits, injuries, traumatized children)... I LOVE the idea. It would become like the Roman Coliseum... tens of thousands of fans cheering while some poor sap tries to deal with several attacking wild animals. And you're right - the problem would very quickly become non-existent.