Stay in Existing Stadium

What's wrong with Ivor W your existing stadium? As a resident of Niagara I have been to IW several times. It is a short drive via the QEW to down town. There is plenty of parking- we usually get someone's lawn for $20, altough on occasion we get a regular spot on the street. The TiCats have a great history in Hamilton and, by and large, over the years the people of Hamilton have supported the team. It is a great place to watch a football game- the stands are close to the field and, everyone who attends IW is going to get a good seat for the game. Skydome in Toronto leaves its guests quite far from the field and, in Montreal one has to bring field glasses to get up close to the play when the team plays in the Big Owe. The city has now asked Montrealers for an additional 10, million for a new roof. They just last year paid for the Olympics which took place 20 years ago and, are not prepared to fund additional monies for the Big Owe. It was a big as a white elephant as was the Pickering Airport. Montrealers would prefer to blow the thing down. IW seats around 30 000 although it appears that games are never sold out. Why not stay at IW? The only problem about IW is the lack of adequate rest room faclities. Mind you I have not attended the last few years but, in one of my visits to IW, when I got in line to use a urinal I wound up at a sink- mind you the sink fulfilled ite purpose. FRom the last report I read on Cfl.CA the stadium is structually sound. Mr. Young has done a super job supporting the team. It appears he is on the record that he will take the team out of Hamilton if he does not get his way with his stadium out in the sticks. He is a great business man and his threat to take the team out of the city is weak. Where would he take the team? Quebec has a university stadium which seats [ including those standing ] around 10 000. There exists no others unless Mr Young decides to move the team to Saskatoon which would welcome it- just to put it to those in Regina who seem to get everything. I have not followed your situation too closely but, I do hope that those who make the decisions will consider what you already have.

Gotta say, if you're parking on someone's lawn or the street ... that's money lost to the team and/or city, and suggests that parking is a problem. Having watched a few games at Ivor Wynn myself, I can say that the CFL has outgrown the venue. The Ti-Cats argue (rightly IMHO) that they are losing money there (as opposed to all the ways they could generate money in a newer venue). As for a retrofit, there's simply not enough space surrounding IW to make it worthwhile. What good is bringing IW into the 21st century when there is no room for parking (and charging for it of course). I love the old stadium, but I think the league needs to move towards more modern and fan friendly venues.

lots of room for a parking tower/ casino :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I read in the Cats forum that it would take something like $100 million to renovate Ivor Wynne to modernize it and have it up to current code and that the PanAm funding could not be used to do that. Perhaps a Cats fan can correct me if I'm wrong.

the building is just a little old, it's still good it's still good!!

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it's gone... I know :frowning:

The owner can't make money there, but it's still good!

Love the Simpsons reference. :lol:

Like others have said: The stadium is old and dilapidated, and it can't host a Grey Cup. You'd be better off building a new one than renovating IWS.

Bob Young should have lobbied (hard) for the West Harbour site, thereby guaranteeing the city would have put the stadium someplace else. He's only got himself to blame.

Sadly IVS days are done. The CFL has outright refused to have another Grey Cup there, it's costing over one million a year in maintenance, it would need nearly eighty million for a worthwhile refit, it's in the heart of a residential area so you can't have concerts there, it has no rail access, just barely acceptable road access, it is over 5km to the nearest highway, Bob refuses to keep playing there and the Pan Am committee said absolutely not. other than that.... :lol:

Quebec Laval stadium was recently expanded but the government said that the university would lose its funding if a pro team plays there which ticks me off. Quebec would have to build and possible could build a new stadium for a CFL team in the future.
Saskatoon is not ready for a pro team just yet. 10 years down the road it could with all the oil money and population increase due to is booming industry now.

Which leaves London Ontario open providing that many changes take place to make Labbattes Park Larger, and more accessible.

Bottom line is that regardless of threats from any side, the Ticats will remain in Hamilton.

Have they pulled their funding from McGill because the Al's play there? I have always thought that Laval would be a great spot for a team - if they had a stadium for it.

The Cats brass themselves through around that same number. Stop by my site sometime. Some interesting facts.

A lot of land and a lot of history and opportunities that are being overlooked.

Grey Cups can't be held there I believe, because the Scoreboard took the place of where they used to put the temporary seats. No reason they couldn't wrap around the east endzones to meet the north stands, and wrap the north and south side endzones to almost meet up with the score clock.

CFL minimum is 45,000 seats to host the Grey Cup. We are just 15,000 shy. All these new proposed 25,000 seat plans, will be 20,000 shy.

If we committed to Ivor Wynne and the surrounding area, cleaning it up would go a long way.