There is no incentive as I see it to make change. Why would the Bombers make any changes when 29,000 fans are buying tickets to watch a 2 and 8 team play. If I was the GM or President I would not do anything to improve the product. It is the fans who are crazy. As someone said in a previous thread this is a business. It would be the same as any business who sells a poor quality product and this business sells out this poor quality product. Why make any improvement when that involves costs. The best solution would be for fans to stay away from the games, not buy tickets, or purchase any Bomber Merchandise. Then and only then will change occur. Hamilton just fired their coach who have the same lousy record as Winnipeg. What are we doing about this ???

Nothing,Doug Berry was just given 4 yr extention in off season.Look for GM to be fired

Maybe the fans could stage a 1 game walk out. Everyone go to the stadium and then either don't enter or walk out for 1 quarter in protest. Don't know if that would be possible on a full scale, but it sure would get national attention and then maybe the governing board would grow some balls and do something. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Fans from every team can see the stupidity going on in the peg city and we too don't like seeing a tean in trouble because of stupidity. Best of luck with your problem Winnipeg fans. :frowning:

If Taman makes moves that improve the club, he will not be fired. The time to act is now, but the right trades have to be made.

asper won;t be get anything unless his next proposal is to build the stadium on his own.

and the reason we got 29,770 at the banjo bowl fo an 2-8 team was one it was the banjo bowl and 2 anyone else see the amount of rider fans?

I agree everyone should stay away. Maybe a lightbulb will get turned on in someone's head. I have attended all the games and at this point I am fed up. How else are the fans to send a message. Hamilton and Toronto, as sorry as I am to say this. Are trying to fix their issues. All I hear from listening to OB and listening to Taman and Berry is sheer arrogance. This latest trade ( CANADA ) has really turned this club into a real circus atmosphere. We need a change at the top. Trading away players will only fix problems in short period. It will not fix the real problem.

so then protest berry not the teram. a real fan won't ditch his team in protest.

I agree Berry has got to go, but I can agree with the trades by taman. smith for roberts is a good move showing hw our system needs a power back, and moreno is the leagues best mlb i would trade canada for him to after getting kai ellis.

You want to protest go to the game bring signs telling the board we want berry out, stand outside the office in protest. But ditching a game is just a poor idea. you give up on the entire team if you do that.

only reason we sold out was cuz it was a rival game like C'mon quit living under a rock. Everyone knows Rider fans are rediculous and travel to any ballpark thats a descent driving distance away so that right there brought attendance up.

Bombers don't get 29,000 people a game only time they do is when the Riders are there, they probably only get just over 20,000 i would say staying home is not a good option you need to support yout team, were you one of those Jet fans that stayed home? support your team through thick and thin

nicely said Rider, but i should point out that we average 27,000 a game

I wouldn't say people should stay away, it shows as fans (when you go even when we're losing) that we are a community owned franchise, and that managment should take notice about how poorly they're managing. That's just my honest opinion.

I am not a means to an end type of guy. I seek the end in itself.

That is to say - you live and die by the sword, you just don't swing your sword around like a madman hoping to kill something with it.

^and i didn't just make that up, that's how i believe things.

why not then every fan wear a paper bag on his head, that will send a message :slight_smile:

Considering how most fans that come from Sask. look like - wearing bags is a fashion statement.

Winning or losing...I'm proud to say I go to EVERY game and cheer for my team.

rider i have considered going to the dolarama and buying a few hundred papers bags and hand them out to people at a home game as a gag. but in reality sakes i am not ashamed to be a bomber and it bugs me when i have to defend my team harder again people from winnipeg then people in any other city. rder fans have more respect for the blue the our city does. and thats what bothers me.

kubie i agree with you. I am proud to say i haven;t missed a game since i first bought my season tickets last year. and if all goes according to plan i won't miss a home game for years to come.

Good for you!

thats what they need fan support, going to need it this year, i can't imagine what its going to be like if they lose again this week, fans are getting angry, someone has to be fired in the next week or so if there is another loss especially if its a blow out

the bombers are loaded with talent. plus it is about to get freezing cold in winnipeg and now they have joe smith to carry the mail. I expect more wins in the second half of the season for the big blue!