Stay classy TSN

Cut away from the moment of silence to the CFL Panel in studio...... Seriously?

Actually I thought they handled that well. The screen went black for a few seconds of silence (longer than usual) before it went back to the panel. It's way better than if they immediately cut to a commercial.

Disgraceful. It wasn't, "Let's pause for a few seconds silence." It's a minute silence. Was that really too much to ask? I guess it could have been worse. They could have cut out in the middle of Last Post, or maybe part way through O Canada.

If they were smart they could have cut the audio and played a video montage showing our servicemen but vets and current. I have come to conclude that TSN producers/directors are a bigger part of the problem than the "actors".

Classy... TSN?

They are owned by CTV and if you drove by CTV studios on north side of the 401 in Toronto on Remembrance Day - 11 November--- you would have spotted the Canadian flag at full mast....

heck, even the shopping centres around CTV had the good grace to lower their flags..

I drove by a number of times en route to and returning from remembrance day services. and visiting an elderly vet I knew..and it was still at full mast...

Call me biased for those vets and what they did for us in the Wars, Korea our peacekeeping and Afghanistan..? then Im proud to be biased for Canada and for the ordinary people which make it good and decent....

And before you go saying its a weekend... it is but a small inconvenience to show respect, isnt it?

CTV!! for shame.. :frowning:

PS there are a number of security guards on the premises - its a 24 hour operation.. with caretakers there too.. :cowboy:

I don't know about you but I paused and reflected while the gentleman was playing Last Post and everybody in the stadium bowed their heads. You never know how a TV network will handle Remembrance Day protocol and which suit behind the scenes ordered the 5 second black screen.

TSN though has shown respect to our current Canadian military personnel on a weekly basis. During some games Glen Suitor honors the troops fighting in Afghanistan and abroad and shows a photo of soldiers and tells the viewers a little about their duties, assignments and where they're deployed. This has always seemed classy, but I don't know if that's at Glen Suitor's insistence or the station itself.

I can see where people are coming from on this, but unless you are actually present at the service in question, I don't think it's really customary to observe a minute of silence wherever you happen to be, except at 11am local time.

It might have been a nice touch for TSN to broadcast the minute of silence from the stadium, without interruption, but I don't think it was a terrible gaffe for them to cut away. They may also have been concerned about potential fallout if they had broadcast any lack of respectful observance by any of the spectators at the game. I recall more than one occasion at Ivor Wynne where a moment of silence was been tarnished by some jackass(es) hollering "wooooo!".

It's sad and scary how unimportant Remembrance Day is for many people. WWII wasn't so much a war against other nations for land (as was WWI) as it was against fascism. Our side won but it easily could have gone the other way. We could be living under fascism today if not for the service and sacrifice of our fellow Canadians who along with our allies were prepared to die for our freedom. I guess with that freedom comes the option to be ignorant and/or self-entitled.

What's even more sad and ironic is how some folks (not accusing you personally), take respect and gratitude for the sacrifices of veterans and use it to try to justify the kind of hawkish nationalism that is itself a seed of fascism. Some people don't understand that sacrifices WITHOUT A MORAL CONTEXT are pointless. What means everything is the VALUES that were worth dying for in the first place. The greatest insult to those who died for our freedom in WWII would be to allow modern fascists to use their sacrifices as a political tool in an authoritarian agenda.

Coronation Park in Toronto was vandalized soon after a Remembrance Day ceremony with words to the effect "Canada will burn, praise Allah" Nice "new" Canada we have with our "melting" pot feelings. :roll:

While it's quite possible that this was written by a radical Muslim individual or group, it's equally likely, maybe even more likely, that it was written by one of the usual idiots who think it's funny to vandalize public property. Or possibly a group who wants to generate hatred towards Muslims. Unfortunately, we will probably never know.

True CatsFaninOttawa, my wife basically told me the same thing when I mentioned this to her.