Stay classy, Minnesota

Fourth quarter, two minute warning... Vikings are up 27-3, and are in Dallas territory, and it's 4th and 3. What do they do?

Go for the TD, of course!

Way to be classy, Minnesota. :roll:

nothingwrong with it. All teams should play 60 minutes. Minnisota fans deserve to see their team score again if they can.

On a more personal note, I am tickled pink to see it happen to wade philips. ONly person in all of football I hate as much as joe galat.

The classy thing to do would've been what Indy did last night. Seems Indy is one of the few remaining classy organizations.

BTW chief, nothing personal. I take no pleasure in that the team you seem to be cheering for lost.

I just happen to beleive there is nothing wrong with scoring as much as you can right to the end, no matter what the score is. I beleive the scoring team owes it to their fans.

I also have disliked the cowboys since the days of starbauch(sp?) Got tired of hearing how they were americas team and cowboys this and cowboys that, etc.

and I really hate wade.

I may have picked the Cowboys to win, but I wouldn't say I'm a Dallas fan. I just think Minnesota was a bit ridiculous for going for a TD. It reminded me of a Celtics-Raptors games when in the dying seconds of the fourth, instead of just holding onto the ball and letting the clock run out, a Celtics player, might have been Glen Davis?, dunked the ball. Big man! :roll:

I was a bit surprised by that play, but then again, if the defender stays with the man, maybe he breaks up the play. Aikman and Jimmy Johnson basically said the same thing.. you have to play for 60 minutes, no matter what the score may be.

I really hate it when a half or game ends with one or more kneel downs, grrrrrrr

Snore game but I love it because I'm a Vikes fan all the way in the NFL! Bye bye Cowboys, Romo you'll never be an elite qb in this league, you're an average qb and understand that my friend, average.

I've been wondering if he'd turn out to be just an average QB... in fact, I think I made a topic about it a while ago. I was really hoping he'd turned things around when he started winning in December... but it doesn't look like it. Definitely not the QB that'll lead the Cowboys back to the promise land.

Mind you he was under pressure a lot in this game, MInny was the better team no question.

I was at the game and as bad as Romo was I'm not sure how much was his fault. There is no doubt there is no louder place then the Metrodump. Plus once he lost Flozell Adams the Vikes D-line had a field day with him. I'm not a Vikings fan but I'd pay that money every day of the week to watch Brett Favre. The guy is just the ultimate entertainer. As for the 4th down td I was surprised they did it and yet don't see anything wrong with it. If you want to call it quits don't get mad at the other team if they keep playing. Some of it may be karma for the Cowboy teams of the early 90's

I hate when people complain about running the score up. These are grown professional men. If you don't like the other team scoring, how about you stop them for a change?

Don't talk to me about being disrespectful and all that BS. When I hear teams complaining about that, I just laugh.

Also why are the playoff games such blowouts? There;s obviously a disparity between the teams, maybe the NFL should do some sort of crossover to get the best possible teams in. Much better games that way. sarcasmtothemax

BTW Minnesota will win the Super Bowl as I predicted...

snoopy, not sure if Favre is an entertainer. I think he's just plain excellent when he gets protection and has some excellent receivers like is the case with Minny. Some guys with that still aren't that great. But I suppose throwing lots of td's is entertainment when you get down to it.

I get where you're coming from Earl but I'll explain myself. I've probably watched the guy live about 20 times and I'm not sure if I'll never find another player that I'll be at the game and keep my eye on him the whole time. Not sure if ever got the chance to see him but it's all the little things he does that causes people to fall in love with him and the way he plays. Not sure if you saw after the game (I wish I knew how to load videos) but seeing him to the old guys from American Idol doin " Pants on the Ground" was hilarious. The guyss 40 and still is the biggest kid out there. (sorry the fanatic in me is coming out :wink: )

Haven’t seen him live but sounds for sure like he’s neat to watch, not just what you see on TV.

I have seen Favre live twice, one was preseason and he played just two drives. But those were amazing drives. The way he finds guys open in the flat, or up the middle, throws a couple 10 15 yard passes then boom hits a guy for 54 yard td. The guy is amazing. The second best i have seen live. Number one is Peyton Manning.

well if i pay for a ticket... i want them to play right until the end.

nothing grinds my gears more than seeing a team kneel down and run the clock out. like... PLAY UNTIL THE END.

its the other teams job to stop you, not yours.

You bumped a topic that hasn’t been posted in in almost four months… slow day? :lol:

lol never saw this topic previously lol..

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