Stay Calm, Be Patient!

When being a Fan of the Tiger-Cats the one thing we are always reminded of is to be patient, we will win again, how soon is anyones guess, Yes true we have been in close games and in every game this year outside of the blowout on the opening game in Regina but right there but still a losing effort and No one wants a loser, especially after years of losing in Hamilton.

It seems though this team has had bad luck or bad something lately from the Stadium right down to the football team, we couldn't buy a win if it fell right in front of us and like the Winnipeg game it did but we couldn't pull it off. The Tiger-Cats are a young team, youngest in the league by average and number of rookies but must learn to play as a team, a full 60 minutes and not take stupid penalties that cost your team, especially in critical situations.

I saw some improvements in last nights game, especially on the D-Line, the rush, Brian Hall, Norwood and so on getting to the Glenn and it getting there, the Special Teams were excellent last night for the Cats and just about won the game for us on that alone between Banks and Medlock but our offence needs to get going too many two and outs, and scrap the wide out pass behind the line, I have seen this with Tiger-Cat teams before it never works unless you have someone with blazing speed and all the defenders are down field further off the line?

When your leading rusher is your QB and your leading pass receiver is your Rusher well that kind of sums up that there is something weird going on with your offence!!

Lets hope Austin and Crew can correct it soon, or we are headed for a LONG SEASON of losing!!

Enough with Lefevour is really the key, he will not get better ever period!!!! He can run let him do that full time. He has no power in his throws its very obvious apparently only to me but anything lateral takes forever to get to the receiver and just gets the receiver killed you can see it coming a mile away everytime cause the ball just floats, he underthrows all deep passes Giguere was wide open on all his catches and he had to either stop running or come back to the football to catch everyone first big one shouldve been a td Giguere was behind his man and nope underthrown and because of it we didnt even get a td, probably cause that wont happen unless we get the ball to the 1 yd line so lefevour can sneak it in.. Defense is mostly pretty solid and special teams is probably tops in the league but the offence is garbage because defenses know what not to worry about with Lefevour.

Hope Dunigan calls the next ticat game a former qb with a big arm, id love to hear what he says on Lefevour outside of his running.


You don't have to exaggerate to make your point.

Many of us here agree he has a weaker arm but to suggest he won't get better as a QB is silly.

No exagerration thats honestly my opinion of him. What do u want me to say? ive seen way too many qbs now with the ticats that have no arm and dont get any better for us Lefevour is nothing new (Richie Williams, Quentin Porter, Jason Maas) i feel like we probably should just release him now instead of say in two years like we will and save everyone some time and grief.

Why not be at least be fun and dramatic about it it makes me stand out more from other posts haha

Lefevour ran for a 100 yards passed for over 300, he looked pretty good last night. Special teams played good.
Can't really put the blame anywhere. The fact was Glen passed for over 400 yards and they stopped the Ticats when they had to. The decision with 2 minutes left to punt on 3rd and 2, reminded me of the decision Ottawa made a couple of weeks ago, they decided to go on 3rd and 2 and the Burris pass was knocked down at the line of scrimmage and the Ticats take over and win the game. If they had punted it may have been similar to what happened to the Ticats last night, punt it with 2 mins left and the Lions run it out with a couple of first downs. The pass interference was blatant no argument there, if the defender doesn't interfere the receiver catches it and it's a first down anyway.

It's the same old "could've, should've, wouldn've" but no matter how you look at it and analyze it they are still 1 - 5 and the same record as Montreal and one game out of first.

Yes it’s Time PUSH IT

I thought LeFevour played better than I had seen from him this year. However, after listening to the post-game interview with Austin as found on Drew's blog I'm not so sure Austin feels the same. While he wouldn't commit specifically to any of the questions about Dan's play, he did seem to avoid praise saying only that he had to watch the film and grade the performance. When pressed, Austin did say, "there were a lot of open receivers." I took that to mean that Dan was not seeing the field as he should or not following his progressions/game plan/play progressions correctly. Dan certainly pushed the ball down field more this game. That was nice to see.

Special teams have been outstanding all year and were again last night.

Glenn played a great game, but a lot of his passing yards and great plays happened late in the game. I wonder if Austin is relying to much on the D to get stops and by the late stages of the game they are just worn out. Seems similar to the game in Winnipeg. The D does a good job all game against Willy, then can't get a stop late.

I have to wonder about "The Fever" myself. He does appear to have some arm strength issues and his second reads are non exsistant. I get frustrated with the idea that he needs time, hes a full grown man whos played QB his whole life with hundreds of hours throwing to these guys. If he isnt getting it done now when will he?

I agree with the theory that LeFevour is throwing weak passes, too short on the long ball and not enough zip on his short passes. These short pass efforts frustrate the hell out of me as the defense has too much time to crush our receivers or knock the ball down.

I think this team is undisciplined and poorly coached.

I agree here with almost everything.

I'm not sure there are progressions though. I believe that Austin has such a tight grip on the QB situation that Dan is doing exactly as told and only that. If the play is supposed to go to 84 then that is where it's going. Period.

Nobody sneezes in that locker room without KA's say so. Or they go away. Same could be said for the offence.

When Collaros got hurt I posted some things that were pretty negative in my belief of LeFevour. I take it back and I've been pleasantly surprised by how well he's played. That being said, he hasn't been outstanding, but merely adequate. I don't assume we're going to lose just because LeFevour is in, and that's more than I can say about any of our backup QBs since, well, ever.

I too have noticed that his short passes outside just seem to float out there. I'm surprised nobody's jumped one and ran it back for 6 yet. Which brings up another point, I believe he's only had one interception in these 3 games as a starter. Great if he's racking up yardage but he's not, and with Austin saying there were open guys all night, I wonder if LeFevour is afraid to take any risks, only willing to throw to wide open guys for fear of something bad happening. Playing not to lose.

Not saying I want to see more interceptions thrown, but I wonder what kind of performance we'd see if he loosened up.

Oh, and as for the overall topic of this thread: Fix the discipline issues and we're 5-1. We have the talent, this is a good team.

Everyone is freaking about how bad we played, but,
If they drove down the field with under 2 min. remaining and scored a TD to win the game,
Everyone would be elated about how fantastic we played.
We played like crap in the first 1/4, took horrible unnecessary/undisciplined penalties all game,
Yet somehow we still had another chance to win, right up until the last play of the game.(again)
LeFevour is playing WAY!!! better than any of us could have possibly hoped for or imagined.
I cannot believe that on an Austin coached team, that discipline is our main problem, but it clearly is.
The Coaches must address this problem immediately and I am confident they will.
We are still only 1 game out of first place, with the next 4 out of 5 games at home, wherever that will be.

well saying Sammy had to run back for the ball was an exaggeration. Dan will be fine as the qb. He may even keep starter position when Zach comes back.

I agree that LeFevour isn’t the best QB in the league…but if I think back on the 30+ years I’ve been a Cats fan, I can really only remember two QBs that came out of college and started great: Warren Moon, and the one continues to be great, Ricky Ray…maybe Chuck Ealey 40+ years ago…otherwise, QB’s need to learn this game…go back through the list…Anthony Calvillo (we remember what he was like at first), Tracy Ham, Danny MacManus, Durant, Burriss, Glenn…name him, he took time to learn the game.

LeFevour came up with no meaningful NFL experience to speak of…George sat him his rookie year, he ran the ball last year, and he has now 4 games of starting QB experience. In that time, he has completed 67% of his passes, and in regard to his weak arm and never throwing downfield, compare him to Drew Willy (the belle of the QB ball this year) and the aforementioned Ricky Ray and you see this:

LeFevour - 8.4 yards per attempt, 12.4 per compltetion
Willy - 8.8 yeards per attempt, 13 per completion
Ray - 7.8 yards per attempt, 11.5 per completion

Now, the other two have twice as good TD percentage numbers (3.4 and 3.7) than LeFevour…but then again, I can’t remember either one of them having to chase an early snap inside the five yard line either…

I do agree that LeFevour seems less comfortable throwing downfield…I attribute that to inexperience and lack of understanding of the what the D is giving him…oh yeah, and that he has about half as much time to throw as Willy or Ray so far this season…

LeFevour is young and is Austin lives up to his rep as a QB developer, he’s gonna get better…he has improved immensely in the time he’s played. I disagree with the comment about him not able to go through progressions; he’s doing that MUCH better. A good example is when he saw a middle blitz last week and threw to Gable who beat the LB covering him…he is learning…

This team NEEDS to stop committing penalties, but I’m also starting to get the sense that they have a reputation that the officials are reacting to. LeFevour took a couple of “lateish” last night that were easily as hard as Bulcke’s late hit on Glenn…difference was, Glenn played it like an Italian soccer player…hit the ground, rolled around, really sold it…LeFevour jumped up like nothing happened…I’m starting to think that they are looking for things to call on us, or reasons not to call - the PI on Banks that needed a challenge is a good example.

The last time BC won the Grey Cup, they started 0-5, 1-6 and people were talking about the need to change coaches - Wally Buono was not doing the job. As for Austin, who cares if he’s an A$$HOLE…OC with Toronto -> Grey Cup winner; HC with Sask -> Grey Cup winner; HC last year -> Grey Cup finalist…I trust him more than the 1,000 football experts on here…

We have seven games against the East left…who cares if we end up with a losing record as long as we make the playoffs, and with Mtl and Ott in our division we will…and Ottawa almost beat Edmonton in a Grey Cup after finishing 5-10-1 and Calgary WON a Grey cup after finishing 8-10…the season DOESN’T start until Labour Day, and we saw what this team did last last year…and it wasn’t because of Henry Burris or Dave Stala…

It's not us who needs to remain patient and calm. It's poor Bob Young. He's the kind soul cutting the cheques.

Bob is Businessman Kind soul is making him sound like a Saint Bob.

ask the city of hamilton about Saint Bob .

They say he’s a Businessman Trying to get best deals for his Investment

as any Member of Hamilton BIA would .

I’ve never bought the caretaker Story

He is a Owner of football Team plain and Simple .

Mind you he’s no Kevin O’leary
Thank god for that .

And making sure your business makes money is bad because...?

Bob has stated from the beginning that he is motivated to get the team on a solid footing and making sure that it is a viable franchise moving forward. Getting the best deal for his team/business is the ONLY way to do that. Bowing down to city hall is a way for any business like Bob's to fail. I wouldn't have blamed him one bit if the city had forced west harbor on him and he moved the team. It would have been a good business decision. And if I was a shareholder of the team and he didn't move the franchise, i would have voted him out of the directors chair at the very next shareholders meeting. It's his team and his vision.

And Bob is a saint. It is because he is willing to take a huge gamble and eat huge losses on this team, all in the name of his brother who loved the Cats, that you have a team to criticize. Without Bob, you are without the Ticats. Who would you bash then?

(* What follows is NOT directed at any one poster. *)

Amen, brother. Those who criticize Mr. Young should offer to buy and run the team themselves - we'll see how fast that happens. It's easy to criticize when its not your money.

You dare to compare Bob Young to the incompetent bozzos that masquerade as councillors at Hamilton City Council....