Status updates on Durant?

Anybody hear anything since his injury last night as to the seriousness of it?

being re-evaluated on Wednesday. I'd say how he heals this week is a coin flip. IMO he is under 50/50

I agree. He was able to grip the ball, no strength . I think it will be a game dY decision. If he plays and we get a lead, he will be pulled quickly. I think he's been hurt for a while, he hasn't looked good for a couple games.

I tend to think he doesn't start but steps in if there are serious woes

should know more tomorrow though

I honestly think Durant has been playing a bit injured up to now. It seemed as if going long was quite easy for him but this year he just doesn't seem to have the same zip on the ball. I know he has taken more then a few good shots leading up the game in BC. It may not be an easy decision but we may need to go a couple of games with out him and let him mend a bit. I know too early to say how bad the hand injury is but I think there may be a bit more to it then they are letting on.

Durant always plays nicked and it is always nearly impossible to tell. I know that he took a stinger on his non-throwing arm on the TD to Bagg against Montreal. But I have noticed no lack of 'zip' on any of his throws until half time on Sunday.

As far as I'm concerned his lack of passing numbers has pretty much nothing to do with his play and pretty much everything to do with a conservative run-first ball-protection gameplan.

Durant has been playing great and if it turns out that he needs a week or 2 off then they should give him a week or 2 off, but let's just check the progress on Wed, then again on Thurs, etc and make the decision at the appropriate time.

he was on light practice today

good sign

Dressler is back, even better sign

hurt but playing

Well the hand injury suffered in BC pales in comparison to the whatever happened in Winnipeg. To me, I thought it may have been a broken arm, but TSN reporters were saying it is elbow. And that is not good! Pure bad luck that on a play where the whistle was blown but no one heard it. Let's just hope it is not a season ending injury.

I thought broken forearm at first, but he was not supporting by the wrist / mid-arm coming off the field, so elbow makes sense. At a glance, I would say hyperextension. Recovery time for that can be anything under the moon depending on the is a broad term...can be a stretched ligaments (a couple weeks), dislocation (varying...could be nothing), broken unla/radius (4-6 weeks), broken humerus (5-7 weeks)...worst case is a tear...that would be the season.

All speculation of course...he may turn up fine.

good replays of it are up now...he drove while throwing fist first into the defender...wrist was bent in...that would seem to be a good indication of ulna ligament damage.

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I guess the length of the injury will be determined how bad it was hyperextended... I imagine a more clear diagnosis will come once swelling goes down..... Hopefully it does not require surgery. So unfortunate on a dead play where no one heard the whistle. Regardless, as it's his throwing arm, it is likely going to be a while for sure...

1 - You're all wanting a Darian Durant update first thing this morning. Of course you are. Who isn't? Well the Riders' star quarterback is being evaluated again this morning after being knocked out of Sunday's 30-24 Banjo Bowl victory in the third quarter with an injured right elbow. Head coach Corey Chamblin will address the media at 11:00 am for an update. While some (outside the team) are speculating he could be done for the season, I have my doubts. He was in great spirits on the flight home, at times joking with his teammates. However he was in a sling and heavily bandaged up. The Rider Nation holds its breat.
from Pedersen

DD out this week, going to Doc at 1 to find out more.
Sounds like he is feeling mountains better now though.

If I was a gambling man I would say 2 games.

Well if that is the scenario that is the best news I think we could hope for. Ticats and the Red/Blacks should still be winnable games. Hope that this is the case and we have Durant back for the Eskimo game. A good beat down on them in their house and were sitting pretty darn good. Defense needs to be as brilliant as they have been and knock Collaros around a bit. Not much of a run game for the Cats and we know Austin is a pass first coach anyways so pin the ears back on the D line and the back field not blow coverage and ring up the sack tally. Chick has been taking a bit of a vacation so looking for him to get at least three more notches on his helmet. :wink:

Hopefully not to serious but I think it will be more then 1 game

Well the way that looked, I would take 2 games! Hell I would take 4 games..... IMO, the most important thing is that there is no long term damage, no Surgery required, etc.... Any team cannot afford to have its franchise QB suffer an injury that may never be rehabilitated back to 100%...


Hopefully it is not scaphoid wrist damage which takes forever to heal ( 3 months minimum) because blood supply is so poor in the wrist for bone healing. Sometimes with a scaphoid break a bone graft is required which recovery would be even longer. Proves in the CFL each team needs two capable quarterbacks. :rockin:

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Looks like he's 6 gamed and they're saying the rest of the season with a torn tendon :cry: :cry: