Status Ottawa and Quebec City stadiums

I've been away from the forum for a few weeks. Haven't heard much out of Ottawa lately. Anyone know what the next steps and the timeline is there? Any news from Ottawa? Seems awful quiet.

What about Quebec City? Anything new since we heard about the guy looking at getting a team and turning the horse racing track into a stadium?

In Ottawa, quiet = good.

Lansdowne Live obtained a 60-day exclusive negotiation period with the city. No one else can come in disrupt the apple cart with another offer. It's Lansdowne Live's game to lose.

The city asked for an additional 30 days, but did so in a manner that indicated that it was to fine-tune, not because there was a major disagreement somewhere. The various groups that had issues (the Farmer's market, the Glebe Business people, etc) have apparently been involved, so that seems promising.

After that, if things are still going according to the original plan, three weeks for public consultation (as though we haven't had enough of that yet) and off to council vote. If that goes through, we SHOULD be home free, but there always seems to be one more hurdle to clear.

Oh, and the councillor most aggressively opposed to the proposal is not getting traction in his fight. He started an online petition recently, hoping to get 5000 signatures but got just over 500. And some of those are to tell him that he's a clown. Lol...

Thanks CFR - so what is the date for a go or no-go decision then? Somwhere around Aug. 1?

Reply to my letter to Ottawa City Council from Councillor Bob Monette:
"Thank you for your e-mail, I am completely behind the Lansdowne Live proposal, and look forward to going to the grey cup in Ottawa as well."
Although 'Grey Cup' wasn't capitalized I think you should vote for this guy if you live in Ottawa. :rockin: :thup:

Speaking of Ottawa, isn't the 60 days coming up quickly?
Any rumours of what's going on?

Right now, yes. But if the city has its way...

City manager Kent Kirkpatrick sent a memo to council yesterday indicating he will seek a 30-day extension, which would defer the tabling of the Lansdowne plan to Aug. 26. A public consultation would follow before council votes on the plan.

I wish this city would understand that spending more time doing it doesn't mean you're doing it any better. Hell, ask my wife. :wink:

Here are parts of an article that I think answer your question (at least partly):

[i]"Currently, both parties are working out the details of the proposed redevelopment program, as well as the business and financial plans. An urban design expert is also being retained to work with and assist the city and OSEG teams in refining the development concept," Kirkpatrick said in the memo.

But, he added, "all parties to the negotiations agree that an extension to the negotiation deadline is required in order to conclude negotiations and complete the necessary due diligence to ensure the development program is consistent with the conditions set by council."

City staff have also met with key stakeholders, including the National Capital Commission, the Ottawa Farmers' Market and the Glebe Business Improvement Area.[/i]

And one part that cracked me right up:

[i]On Tuesday, Bob Brocklebank, president of the Glebe Community Association, met with Kirkpatrick and Kevin McCrann of OSEG at City Hall in hopes of getting them to speak at a public meeting at Lansdowne's Assembly Hall on June 2.

They turned him down, Brocklebank said.[/i]

:lol: Dumbass...

Link: ... 1-sun.html

Thanks for the updates, getting more positive all the time!!! :thup:

How much slower can these stadium decisions get? A 100 yard dash by snails looks faster. We have all these cities talking about stadiums, yet not one has made a move yet to actually start buidling the thing. Enough talk, and lets get some action. Or just shut up about it.

Winnipeg and Vancouver are moving forward. Calgary is doing less-dramatic changes, but they're getting some developments. Montreal is moving forward with their expansion as well.

Ottawa is making progress.

Regina has their first study done but they're going through the report and making a plan before they're letting the public in on the details. If they let the public in on the planning, they'll end up with a lot more enemies and problems, like we're seeing in Ottawa.

Hamilton, Moncton, and Quebec City are starting to take form. We'll see how things develop.

Overall, lots of good news right now across the league on the stadium front ----- finally.

Things are looking good right now.... just need to see the work start

How much slower can these stadium decisions get? A 100 yard dash by snails looks faster.

In the CFL, it seems, once a facility desperately needs renovations/repairs/replacing, that's when you can talk and debate for about 10-15 years before the possibility of progress starts to show.

That's the Canadian way! :rockin:

If that's the case, maybe Milwaukee should secede from Wisconsin and the U.S, and join Canada; because Dear God in Heaven, that's waaaaaayyyyy to close to the truth about how things get done around here...