Status of TD Atlantic??

Hey folks,
I know it is probably too soon to tell, but any ideas what might happen to the game if the Gades fold? I bet some of you are saying so what but for us here on the east it means a lot. We are not as fortunate as some to have our own team that we can watch on a regular basis. For us a CFL football game is like Christmas. It comes but once a year. I would hope another team would jump in to fill their spot but with the tight schedules for training camp ya just never know.

I m sure another team would play. Mtl has to have 2 preseason games

I see they are still advertising it on the main page I agree another team will probably step in....Halifax is a market the CFL covets right now and it would be bad faith to just cut and run if the gades fold...i know if I lived in Halifax Id really be looking forward to the game too and Id really be upset if they just cancelled it. Halifax means too much to the CFL for them to just abandon touchdown atlantic 2...that's my guess anyways.

and for the record....if it does get cancelled i would absolutely NOT be saying "so what" would just look too bad for the league.

The Als will have a mystery opponent, which won't be announced until the game starts. It'll be just like in wrestling, where you won't know who the opponent is until the intro music hits... :lol:

That would be pretty cool

if the rens fold and the bombers will be in the east i could see WPGvsMTL

if the Gades fold and the bombers move east...there is way too much blue in the east.

blue Argos
Als blue third jersey.

just call it the blue division.

And we're the black (and gold) sheep of that family.

Then there is also the Nordique blue jersey that is waiting in the wings.

Toronto counts as two being as they are known as the “Double Blue”.

lol...yes the nord-colour QC team, but that would put the bombers back in the we'd still have 3 outta 4 east teams being blue...unless the Als stop wearing that third jersey so much....

Ya forgot about the Halifax BlueNosers.

./ guys just like shoving the Bombers everywhere and anywhere....good thing we are so think we are going to have some type of compensation for all of this back and forth movement of the BigBlue....or should we just say...Oh what the H...its all for the good of the league.....OR should we get two first round draft for going to the east...and one for coming back to the west...what a circus wheel this could turn out to be....(NOT that we haven't been on this ride :lol: :wink: before)....

It not like the team has to pack up and move ya know!
The only thing that changes is when they print the standings they will have to put the bombers in last in the east instead of last in the west, :wink:

Hey Man
Our family have been Winnipegers since 1899.
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are our team no matter what division they are in. In the East or in the West we can take on them all.

....well ya beat me Fred by eleven grandfather came to the Peg in 1910.....but c'mon I believe we got some 'special considerations' before when we had to literally pack up and;mon can bet Bauer and Taman are going to be pushing for something....I'm not at all worried about competing in the east....we were pretty successful before....but all of this moving....geez...c'mon.. :lol:

ro...., Papa is upset because moving the Bombers to the East would mean last place for a few years. At least in the West, they have Saskatchewan to take up last place! :wink:'re going to get Billy mad at you Sporty....but you might have a point if we stayed west.....we don't know what could happen to us in the powerhouse east....could be a strugglle ...therefore we have to seek compensation... :slight_smile:

we would probly be a cross over team if we are in the east

First of all the bombers won 4 games last year and you are talking crossover? I doubt there would be a crossover if it were 4 teams per side.

Again Papa why do you feel you should be compensated? Nothing physical changed

As far as I know, if the Gades left and you were in the East, there wouldn't be a crossover, as the divisions would be balanced.