Status of Smith and Murphy?

I heard in one of the forums that these two guys will not be playing against Winnipeg. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have not found anything to substantiate it.

Joe Smith won't be playing on friday. I don't no about Murphy though.

No offense lions fans but it is looking like you might go 0-4. the passing game is struggling and now without Joe Smith on friday....

But i am rooting for you as i want all the western teams to win this week. (except the riders :slight_smile:)


I heard Smith for sure wont play. Murphry is still with his triplets. If he plays (Which I doubt) How effective will he be?

the season is a write off

0-2 and the season is a write off? Have a little faith my friend, in four months we'll be chatting about what a fantastic Grey Cup we witnessed. :rockin:

This site now shows the depth chart for Friday's game and Smith is listed ahead of Smart. Has Smiths status changed? Or is this the run-of-the-mill depth chart that goes up without any changes?

Smith did not make to the trip to Winnipeg. Logan will be starting at RB.

I heard on the radio that Joe Smith has a shoulder injury

Thanks for the updates guys. It's exciting to see Logan getting a chance to show his stuff. To all the Lions fans, I send my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of Robert Ackles. And don't be concerned yet about being 0-2. It's a long season and as long as you get over the obstacles and into the playoffs, anything can happen.

Murphy is back, now Jimenez is gone for "Baby Duty".

Update Heard on the radio Jimenez is back from baby duty.