Status of Receiving Corp?

Hey guys- just wanted a quick and dirty update of what you think of the receiving corp this year? There seems to be some hype around this Curry kid........will he ultimately be starting opposite of Anderson?

Or am I missing someone?

Who do you think will be our leading receivers is basically my question.

Nate Curry is the BEST WR on Hamilton's roster. Ralph is overrated and the other young Canadian's are still learning the pro ways. The other American wr's are not bad, but not better than Curry.

The best receiver currently on our club is Corey Holmes when he lines up in the slot, IMO. Curry has shown potential. I feel that this is a break-or-break year for Ralph to establish himself as a top-tier receiver in the league.

If Thyron Anderson can get back to his Montreal form of a couple of years ao, we'll be fine. It will take some time for Bauman to emerge, but like Fantuz, he has the CIS pedigree to become a top-flight non-import wideout in the league soon enough.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Curry will be a real standout this year. Did you guys see the highlights of the first pre-season game? On Curry's touchdown catch he was battling the DB for a the ball as they were falling. He shows a lot of heart and desire.

I think that Alston will have a big year. Anderson has been let go by two teams. If he doesn't play back to his previous form, it'll be three teams. Curry and Walker look good. Also look for Brock Ralph to have a breakout year.

my twobits worth :cowboy:

How many years does Brock need to break out? I though it was last year or the year before? IMOP he is VERY OVERRATED. But we continue to put him on this platform like he is a legit star in this league. Not even close.

These guys are young and fast, but they'll also make a lot of mistakes like not reading the defence properly and not making the right read on their option routes. Our receivers coach is going to have to put in a lot of over time this year.

But they could wind up being a pretty good unit. When Birmingham came into the league they had all rookie receivers and they shredded a lot of defences, so maybe we can do the same if Maas can get them all on the same page the same way Dunigan did.

Last year was Brock’s first full year with the black and gold. He played only 4 games for us in 2005. He would have done much better last year with a healthy Jason Maas. I think he does deserve a chance to show his stuff this year. Obviously the experts (Taaffe and co) believe he does.

As an Als fan, let me just warn you: don't expect very much from Anderson. The guy has no heart and only racked up 1000 yards in Montreal the same year we had Cahoon, Copeland, and Cavil doing the same and leaving defenses so stretched a trained chimpanzee could have gotten open and made the catches. He will never be a go-to guy because he has no heart, always quits on his routes, and never lays out to make the catch.

I think Brock Ralph’s problem is simply lack of using all his speed the right way and not getting open enough. He has speed to burn but if you watch him out there he often accelerates at the wrong times and doesn’t when he should.

I imagine the new coaches will make him more productive. He certainly has all the potential in the world. Tay Cody came right out and said Ralph was the fastest guy on the team.

I expect Taaffe will for sure harness his abilities better than any previous couch Ralph has had.

i agree, alston's looking good. and i have a feeling talman will be bumped up to the active roster if an american WR cant perform during the season

What I would love to see is Gardner added to the active roster and bringing back witherspoon to take his place on the PR.

I am no coach but witherspoon looked good plain and simple. Great size also. Now that I think about it we have at least 3 receivers that are 6'3-6'4. That will be to our advantage in many situations. Some corners and DB's are pretty short compared to that.

All I can really say for sure is that I am VERY interested to see how we play this Sat with all our best guys on the field on both sides.

The new talent, coaches and just general full control feel the team has now leave me waiting in great anticipation to see how Sat goes. Thats the real test!

The Cats still seem to be without a receiver that can catch a two yard pass and make some moves and turn it into an eighty yarder.Except for Kalil Hill it has been many years since the Cats have had a receiver with blazing speed and quickness.Maybe Toronto will cut Bruce.

Flick was that sort of receiver, and you will see Holmes being used in that matter.

I also think Lumsden will be dumped the ball often, and he is a big play threat every time he touches the ball!

Flick had good not great speed and didn’t have the lightning in a bottle moves.

Well here's another Als fan telling you that what discipline told you about Anderson is 100% correct. The guy has skills no doubt, but seems to lack desire and a work ethic. If what zenstate said about Curry making a great effort to battle for the ball rubs off on Anderson then there may yet be some hope for the guy.

And to the poster who compared Bauman to Fantuz; if accurate, then Bauman will be a gem.

Brock Ralph's biggest asset is his speed. Without a QB last year who could throw over 30 yards his effectiveness was limited. As with all receivers, the short routes and long routes play upon each other. This year they will have to respect his speed.
I hope they don't.

Corey the slot...