Status of Preparations by Alouette and Ticat Coaching Staffs

An article by Herb Zurkowsky in today's edition of the Montreal Gazette, which is featured on the home page of the website, indicates that the Montreal Alouette coaching staff convened on Feb 19/07 to start preparing for the 2007 season.

As it has been previously reported in The Hamilton Spectator that the Ticat coaching staff will gather in Hamilton on Mar 5/07 to begin preparing for the 2007 season, we will probably receive some news this week on who the new Ticat defensive line, offensive line and receiver coaches will be this year.

I really want to see COach Sal back with the O-line.
He worked wonders last year.

I second that motion.

I don't think Coach Sal will be back.
it a shame too cause he did make Difference

who did think the other coach will be