Status of Otis Floyd?

from rick zamperin -

Ticats set to release Otis Floyd and DeAndra Cobb.
Ticats GM Bob O'Billovich says he spoke with Otis Floyd this morning and said it was a difficult chat because of his respect for Floyd.

i should have waited till the dust settled. now drew edwards says -

Team sources say that release of #Ticats LB Floyd and RB Cobb is not imminent. Both to be given time to figure out their options.

Floyd will definitely be missed by me, and quite a few others im sure.

As for Cobb............well, im glad I never bought one of those cobb hats. (But he will be missed when we play B.C.)

Otis is Class Act the big Dog He was Favorite of mine..

i was on today on a live chat with dwane ford and floyd was brought up and acording to his knowlladge otis is still on the team? may hes right and maybe hes wrong

He'll likely be released along with Cobb but Obie will hold off on it for now to allow them to explore their options.

I think if Otis decides to retire because of this, or if he retires next season we should bring him in as Linebackers coach! I'm sure Coach Miller will not mind giving up 1 of his 3 job descriptions! :lol:

I just think he is too much of a Hamilton Tiger-Cat in his work ethic and hard nose attitude to not have him around the team any more..

if that is so, then i hope he thinks twice about leaving hamilton. so he can finish his career with a grey cup

He tossed my son a ball before a game last year. Me son and I will never forget it and after the next game was an autograph session and he signed the ball. Absolutely incredible to my son. I hope he stays for the year and the cup if not than thanks Otis we'll never forget your kindness

Floyd Ponders Future

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I put Otis right up there with greats like Montford. I hope he stays in some kind of roll..
I know what I would do, lace up the boots and start training right now.


I can understand Floyd being given time to make a decision on what he wants to do since it's pretty much be released or retire. I don't really understand the delay with Cobb though. He's either part of the team's plan or not. He's too young to retire and no team will trade for him - they'll just wait for his release. Is he being given the option of backing up Cobourne?

There's pretty much no chance of him being backup in Hamilton.That role will be fought for by Conte Cuttino, A.J. Harris and Marcus Thigpen.

Then why would they not release him right away to give him more time to try to catch on with another team?

Because although he's doubting there's interest, he wants to try to get at least a little something for him rather than nothing.Sort of like what you guys did with KG.You knew nobody would trade for him but you hung on until the last possible second and let him go.Same deal i'm guessing.

QBs are different than RBs. RBs don't have much, if any, trade value.

And there was only a week between when it was reported that the Bombers wanted to renegotiate Glenn's contract to trade him and when he was released on Mar 8 (Obie talked to Glenn during that week).

What a cold league we play in. I don't mean that directed at our coaching staff in a negative way, its just a fact. After all that Otis did for us and we just dropped him and went with an apparent younger version of him ( I hope they are right). I understand why they had to do it but it just seems so cold after all he did. :cry: Thanks Otis for everything!

8) In my home delivered Spec this am, the headline is quite different .
 It reads,  Released Floyd Ponders Future.    Tiger-Cats Cut Veteran Linebacker.

 Interesting !!

These facts and opinions about importance of experience and longevity in the CFL.
refers to Otis Floyd's 34 year ex-team-mate with the B.C. lions, Brent Johnson

I hope they doesn't upset Otis Floyd fanatics even further.

[Brent] currently 34 and will be turning 36 shortly after this contract runs out.

South of the border, his age likely would be viewed as a sure sign

that he's on the downslope of his career,

and it probably would keep teams from
offering him an extension until they had to.

In the CFL, though, age has its benefits;

last season, players over 30 were close to
the top of every major statistics category,

and 43 per cent of the divisional all-stars were over 30.

[url=;_ylt=Am6Cc9TVzrK6mcsMq0FTBwYhGcYF?urn=cfl-321844] ... cfl-321844[/url]

The importance of Brent Johnson

By Andrew Bucholtz Tue Feb 15 2011


What really really really really sucks about this is that he still plays at a high level and brings the kind of leadership we need on this team. It breaks my heart to see Otis go. I can’t thank him enough for his contributions and wish him all the best.