i would much apprciate it if someone could update me on the injury status of mark washington, if he is playing aganst montreal and/or when he is expected back in the BC line up.

thank you!

probably out another 3 weeks but that's just a my guess

thanks man. i'm an alouette fan and remember him well. he's been a big loss for you guys. at least you'll get him back for the playoffs.

should be a good game this sunday, although i think after years of getting their butts kicked the Als are finally gonna lay one on the lions.

We sure missed him against Winnipeg!

as crazy as it sounds i think this is all gonna benefit you guys in the long run. when all the dust settles, washington retuns, dickenson's head clears and maybe you get your kicking problems addressed, we'll be heading into the playoffs. you weren't going to go though the whole season without a downturn, so much better this slump happens now than in november where it would really be costly.

I agree, BC needs a wakeup call....(Sigh, too!) There were some fans planning parade routes, and as everyone knows, the second (real) season starts in playoffs.

Wakeup calls and injuries healling is what is needed. Saskatchewan got there injuries early in the season, and we're getting ours now.

did he break his collar bone early in the game or was it when he collided with phillips?

is Washington in or out tonight?

Washington will sit out tonight's game but will be back next week. Should help Lions' secondary

Newspaper said he might be back for the Rider game on Saturday

That should do a good job stiffening up our secondary.

So Washington and Whitley will both be playing Saturday?

Another weak point is the OL. Any improvements planned there?