Status of Harris vs. Winnipeg.

Will Harris come off the IR this week or does McLendon get the start again?
Thanks for the info. :thup:

It looks like McCarty is our new back-up, thank God.Suitor was saying tonight that Harris should be back next week. We'll need him against B.C.

Should be very interesting to see how Harris does on the Turf at the Dome, I think the Esks will supprise the Lions but we can't have a slow start like we did against the Bombers. Looking forward to see how Tristian will do I sure hope he breaks one as I'm going to the Game and would love to see how fast this guy looks.
I just wonder how Buck's ankle will hold up , sure would like to see Jerious in there .

I agree, we can't sleep in like we did against Winnipeg. But we also can't slack off like we did the last time against B.C. We need a full 60 minutes from our guys. Having Harris back should help.