Status of Fantuz?

I heard the post game interview on Tiger-Cats TV with Coach Austin and he mentioned that Andy Fantuz was injured in yesterdays game by a concussion and a helmet hit to the head and apparently the second pre-season game that he has received a helmet to helmet hit?

What is the status of Fantuz? Do any fans know how long he will be out for or will he be ready to play in Regina next Sunday for the opener?

Just like Lamar last week, no penalty! When will this league and others start heavily penalizing players who continue to headshot others? It is an action that should see these players ejected from the league. The Ticats have lost two key players already this year. These players will have the remainder of their lives affected because some player wants to make their mark in the game! Enough is enough!

Unfortunately I didn't see the hit on Fantuz but heard in the interview later with Austin that he was upset over the head shot from the Toronto defender. This wouldn't be the first time that the Argo's have gotten away with a serious head shot and a no call by the Ref's but I agree it has to stop and the league should take another look at the hit and fine or suspend the player for the hit call or no call.

I hope Fantuz is okay and can return soon but a lot will depend on the seriousness of the concussion or injury sustained, it's unfortunate after all the talk about concussions in football that the league and the players union still allow this to happen, I think the fault is on both sides to correct and not allow head shots in a game and if a player does don't just fine them but suspend the player for something good like 4-6 games without pay, head shots would be eliminated pretty quickly.

I'm a firm believer in ejecting players from the league when they show a pattern of this kind of behavior, however one possibly unintentional helmet to helmet is something that warrants a 15 yard penalty, a possible disqualification and a fine or up to 2 games.

Austin has taken this up with the league and asked them to look at it. No idea if he did the same with the hit on Lamarr but one would hope so. No word yet on the severity of injury to Fantuz but we know Lamarr is again on the 6 game IR! :x

well Andy's out for at least 1 game. :?

from drew -

#Ticats put @andyfantuz on the one-game injured list, meaning he's out vs. #Riders. #CFL

Yes, I just read the list of one game casualties on the Cats and it's a shame that Fantuz may be out for a game or more because of a Head Shot, Helmet to Helmet hit by the defender that wasn't called. We have lost two good players in Lamar and Fantuz due to head shots and just in the pre-season alone.

Lets clean up this crap before it too late and start taking concussions seriously in the CFL enough talk about it, how about some action in the form of game suspensions and video reviews by the CFL following the game.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 11m
There will be no supplementary discipline from the #CFL for the hits on #Ticats Andy Fantuz or Lindsey Lamar.


League NOT really caring about player safety.

Does anyone have a link to the video of either hit? I didn’t see either one, so I can’t comment on whether or not there should have been any fines or suspensions.

Neither game was televised.They were head-on-head hits, what do you want to see?

Lots of factors need to be seen to consider the "legality" of a hit (e.g., how long was the defenders tracking the player, how clearly was he targeting the head, for how long does it appear the head is the target, did the receiver's head drop into the hit ...).

Precisely. Was there intent to injure?

And there was video of the Arghos game, as it was streamed. Just a question of whether the feed was saved by anyone.

All CFL teams have their own film guy, who films literally everything in every game. Do you think they use TSN footage in football ops or something? haha

I usually cringe when fans argue that the "game film" supports some conclusion or other, when they really mean the TSN broadcast, which mostly shows only a small slice of the field at any given time. That's another reason seeing football live can be such a different experience. We don't get the "eye in the sky", but we can choose to focus our attention on the line, or the defensive backfield, or a particular receiver on any given play.

In general, I get the impression that fans who played defense in high school or college have a greater appreciation for what's happening away from the ball than other non-professional fans do. Totally unscientific, but when I talk football with people, that seems to be a trend.

Edit: Before anyone pounces on me for defensive bias, I was a running back in my day.