Status Giguere and Ellingson?

Both receivers were having great seasons when they went onto the one game IR.
Is there any word on their status?

I heard Sam goes back to the Doctors this week, so hope he gets clearance to next week, no word on Greg yet, that ive heard!

Sam might want to get back real quick there some impressive looking players showing up on the roster. :wink:

This is true that the Cats keep adding more talented players at every position including receiver but Giguere spot on the roster is being taken by Stala and Charbeneua-Campeau right neither of which is being used that much in the offense at this point of the season. Giguere also presents the Cats with being a much better special teams player than both of the two Canadian Receivers. He can return kickoffs if needed and is also strong and fast on coverage teams when he is needed.