Statue of Liberty Baby!

If you missed the pathetic Argos stomping the bejabbers out of Sask check out the highlights for the Toronto Statue of Liberty playpulled off in their own endzone. That ought to wake up a few teams. I've never seen anything like it. It was super effective and artistically presented. Pretty sweet. TO also looked good on a direct snap on a punt from around midfield that the turned into a 35 yard gain and essentially the winning td. Totally spiced up an otherwise dull game.

I’ve been watching football since 1963-64 and never seen a statue of liberty play (I’ve seen others) in the endzone off of a fake safety touch. That play was the turning point for Toronto; they played hard and deserved the win. Sask. did good things as well, but couldn’t get it done.

It was pretty cool and run professionally/smoothly. Still you attract the bush classification when when pretend to take a knee - still if you're going to do it they did it good. What is the lesson? Keep your stick on the ice I guess.

Yeah, that fake safety blew my mind, when you're leading by one point, what better time to run that play? And if Sask had actually covered that play, Byron Parker could have just run back into the endzone, it couldn't fail!

Somewhat similar, backer. . . I"ve been watching CFL football for over 50 years, and I can assure you that in those 50 years, I had NEVER, until yesterday, seen a fake safety. . . not once.

given the surprise of the play, I am surprised it didnt go all the way. Riders still reacted pretty well and fast.

Coach O'Shea; Designs these trick plays that are against looks that are going to work. The Special teams practice these plays and send the play in when the defense gives the look they are waiting for. Then it's up to the players to execute it properly. Kudos to the Argo's for sure.

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