Many stats-passing and running yards,tackles,sacks,etc..- of the Als and Bombers game are/have been recorded twice.

Thank you.


dont waste your breath. the idiots running this site are totally incompetent and dont give a damn.

ya, accuracy is not their strong suit!

A few examples:
Calvillo has 399 yards and 6 int. instead of 199 and 3. Pierce has 472 yards,2 TD and 2 int. instead of 236,1 TD and 1 int.

Whitaker has 218 yards rushing and 2 TD instead of 109 and 1 TD. Garrett has 104 yards and 4 TD instead of 57 and 2.

Richardson has 204 yards receiving instead of 102.

Guzman has 16 tackles instead of 8.

Bowman has 4 tackles and 4 sacks instead of 2 and 2.

An on and on.

I am confident that errors will be corrected.


All should be stars of the week.. .hands down


although those 6 picks really hurt AC


They'll have to correct the mistake because it's not just the game summary that's been affected. If you look at all the Montreal and Winnipeg players' individual stats they have the numbers entered twice. For example, AC is now listed as having thrown 11 interceptions this season when he came into the game having thrown 5.

yeah, it’s pretty bad…

additionally, Buck Pierce is listed as having completed 21/1 passes in the game which with the stats entered twice has his completion percentage up at 75.1% and 2100% for the week! player of the week for sure… lol

Corrections have been made; I did contact the CFL this morning,by E Mail, and they made the corrections.

Thank you.