Have you ever taken consideration to look at the playoff stats? Do you ever wonder why neither of the grey cup teams are in any of the top 2 for passing, rushing, receiving, defence and special teams?

They've only played one game.

Well that killed this thread quite quickly and efficiently :wink:

Maybe so but look at the stats
1.) They are extremely low and they could have caught up easily.
2.) They're suppose to be the best team in their divison.

Oh for pete's sakes
You expect AC or burris to throw for as many yards in one game as Pierce or Ray does in 2?
You expect to rush for as many yards in one game as two?

Stop with your crazy 'logic', ro. :smiley:

You`re damn right!

True, it would have taken Rambo and that dancing bozo Lewis 2 games to have the production of Simon and it would have taken Reynolds 3 games to produce like Logan did tee hee :smiley: