Stats that matter! Glenn Vs. Porter

  1. Glenn with yesterdays game has thrown for 1968 yds., more than Porter with less attempts.
  2. Glenn has thrown for 14 touchdowns, more than double Porter's 6.
  3. Glenn's TD % is around 6.0, Porters is less than 3 and after yesterdays game posibbly closer to 2.
  4. Glenn has thrown less interceptions than Porter.
  5. Overall Quarter-back rating for Glenn 90.1% and likely higher with yesterdays game. In fact Glenn is rated #3 behind Calvillo & Ray, not bad company in my opinion. Porter percentage rating is 78 and likely worse with yesterdays game.
  6. In all fairness Porter runs the ball better than most.
  7. He also drops the ball more than most.

Glenn wins 6 out of 7 of the above stats. How can anyone say Porter is as good as Glenn?
The only starting quarterbacks with worse ratings than Porter are Bishop & Joseph. Joseph may have passed Porter with yesterdays game. He certainly will by the end of the season leaving us with the second worse starter in the league next to Toronto.
Even Pickett has a better rating than Porter!
So why is Porter the go to guy.
Glenn's quarter-back rating is higher than J. Jacksons, B. Pierce, Burris, and Durrant. All pretty good guys that we would be proud to start on our team.
So why is it that Glenn hasn't been given a fair chance at the job.
I am not talking about one game, but the rest of the season.
Marcel needs to man up and admit he has made a mistake, the numbers don't lie!
Glenn has earned the chance to be the #1 guy.
Porter has earned the chance to sit on the bench.
Enough said.
Doc 8)

The coach will "pull his head out" with an announcement today.

You forgot another stat that really matters. Wins.

Glenn 2
Porter 4

I'm just saying. You have to give everyone the complete story. You and Onknight conveniently leave out stats to make Glenn look better. You need to give everyone the full scope.

What's the wins/start stat for these QBs?

An Argo-Cat fan

Good Defence and a Running Won those not Porter …
The Fact Porter was playing was Luck and Head coach who can’t see the Forest threw the Trees.

4 wins / 11 starts (36%)
1 win / 3 starts (33%)

Glenn came in in one of Porter's 11 starts for a victory but you have just asked for wins/starts.

And to be fair, I wonder what would the losses be based on who started the game?

So coming in relief to earn a win skews the start/win ratio even more in Glenn's favour.

6 loses in 11 starts (54.5%)
2 loses in 3 starts (66%)

No matter what way you phrase it, the stat is that we win more with Porter, like it or not.

In the end, 1 stat trumps all, wins. Since Labour Day, it would not have mattered who would have started as our team as a whole has played bad and are now struggling. Hopefully Glenn can pull something out in Montreal but I don't have high hopes.

To be fair, Glenn should be given the start in the next 2 games and then we need to reevaluate from that point.

If Glenn wants to be the starter, he has to prove it. He needs to go out there, chuck the rock, and blow the Argos out of the water. If he plays an average game over the next couple weeks, go back to Porter as we can get the same out of Porter and get him more experience.

Okay, so in total Porter has 4 wins, Glenn has 2 wins.

When Porter starts we are 5-6.

When Glenn starts we are 1-2.

In a start when Porter was pulled in a 6-6 game, Glenn earned a victory.

In the end, it’s about wins. The way the team is playing now, no matter who starts, we would be lucky to win.

We are 6-8. That’s it. We have used both of our QBs and we are 6-8. We win as a team, we lose as a team. With a better kicker, we are 8-6, minimum but like I just said, we lost as a team and it counts as a loss for the entire team.

Nice work.

Thanks Rockfish, I think most agree. However it is clear cooper is a Porter fan and not a Glenn fan. Guess Glenn will just have to earn his respect the hardway and win 3 of the next 4 games.


Nothing wrong with being a Porter fan. I'm one too even though I think Glenn should start. I'm a Glenn fan too.

I don't think the starter has been announced for the last 3 games yet, has he?

Actually..I see Alan Cooper as a realist.

He has provided stats (wins/losses/%) that show that Glenn is not the second coming. Hes a good QB. He also said Glenn should start the next couple games and reevaluate. I agree with him. Glenn has the opportunity to be a hero, now lets see what he does with it. The numbers he provided are real.

BUT..keep in mind. Its a team game. And I also agree that no matter who we played the last two home games they would have ended up in losses. Unlike OnKnight, I can give credit where credit is due..and am not blind to reality. Like I said in another thread:

When Porter starts and wins, it was the rest of the team. When Porter starts and loses, he sucks. When Glen starts and loses, the team played bad. When Glen starts and wins (the one time), he played awesome...even though he was given the ball many times to start drives in the redzone and a lot of the time we settled for field goals (remember all the 'leaving points on the field' threads?)

I'm not pro or anti porter. I'm not pro or anti Glen. I want to win. I think no matter who starts, we have an equal shot since a lot depends on the rest of the team.

If Kevin Glenn struggles the soap opera continues. If he's so so as normal and we lose the soap opera continues. If we win we're on the way to winning the Grey Cup the next 10 years regardless of how well he plays

The only thing cooper gave us was wins/losses. I filled in the rest, and Glenn is ahead of Porter in every stat except for running, balls dropped and interceptions. Nothing a good quarter-back really brags about.
If Porter was on any other team he would have been benched and made 3rd string were he belongs a long time ago. The Cats would be still fighting for 1st in the east instead of 2nd or 3rd.
Enough, lets not regress anymore, hopefully the real tiger-cat team will appear this weekened and we can start to repair the damage that was done by Marcel and Porter.


But its wins that get you into the post season and beyond....

I've not seen that.

Can you provide examples.

Its everywhere Captain.


have fun reading it all

That's not an example.

Still waiting.