Stats on penalties!

as of October 11, 2005 Penalties called per team.



Edmonton 179
Brt Columbia 138
Calgary 134
Winnipeg 131
Saskatchewan 128

Montreal 169
Ottawa 156
Toronto 151
Hamilton 149

These are stats regarding number of penalties by each time Montreal is the most Penalized team and The Riders are the least. So why do some Rider fans complain about ref's

Correction, redwhite.....some Rider fans aren't complaining about the refs.....they're complaining about so-called "missed calls" or "non-calls" most of the time, if I recall correctly..... :smiley:

You are correct but it seems fans from other teams do not complain period I have only read one complaint from a BC fan other then that it has been by fans from the team that has been penalized least.

Well first other fans have complained about the officiating... so your premise is false.

Second, seems to me that some teams are "under represented" by fans on the forum, so it may well be that some teams fans appear more vocal because of the number that make use of this site.

Wrong again!

you seem to have selective memory. I have heard complaints from alot of non-rider fans. But of course rider fans always seem to get the most heat for being the most vocal.

Anyway here is my wish list for next year:
Consistancy: If you call something and the same thing happens in that game you must call the second one as well, thios would avoid alot of complaints right there.

No more "Makeup calls": Get the call right the first time and don't second guess. If you do a "makeup call" its just going to add fuel to the fire. If you do realize the wrong call was made then great just file it it and get the call right next time. Hell maybe even apologize to the coach after the game, then refs and coaches may respect each other.

Thats all I ask for next year, without a doubt it will minimize complaints with a tiny bit of consistency.

Actually by your numbers Edmonton is the most penalized.
I agree with make-up calls. The first call may not make a difference while the make up one can.

Yes you are correct the Eskies are the most penalized team.

EXCELLENT THREAD..............These numbers don't lie. :wink: :smiley:

Oh this is rich!

It's quite obvious some people will turn every stone looking for a reason to insult and bash Rider fans. There's a separate thread now started by an Esk's fan whining about the officiating in the game, and how it so blatantly favoured the Riders. Many other Esk fans joined in about it. Yet somehow it ALWAYS turns into Rider bashing and Saskatchewan bashing and wheat bashing and Corner Gas bashing.......

I would venture to say after every game SOMEONE for EVERY team is unhappy with the reffing. But some posters must have a search device which looks for the words ref or officials - then it's Saskatchewan hating time again!

I'm sure now I'll be labelled as a whiner, whining about you whiners. I know I will cuz I'm a Rider fan. Isn't thst the favourite sport around here?

Whiner! You have to admit it is mostly rider fans crapping on the ref's so suck it up princess as an eskie fan would say

EVERYONE whines about the officiating, and they have every right too. There is no doubt that the CFL has the worst officiating in proffessional sports. Every team has got bad calls against them and I'm sure every fan has whined to the referees more then once.

HUh huh sure!