Stats never lie! *lol*

Based only on stats the Hamilton Ti-Cats have the best record for "points for" in the CFL at 421. I guess that means they have the best Offence in the CFL. Conversely they also hold the unenviable record of having the most points scored against at 444. Does that mean Hamilton has the worst Defence in the CFL? It can't because the Bombers have won fewer games.

But wait a minute.....If Hamilton has the best Offence in the CFL why are they near the cellar and why have the Lions won twice as many games? Hmmmm.... goodness, stats can drive a guy bonkers. lol

Should be a great game tonight. {October 12/12]
I'm expecting the Lions to take it to Hamilton.

Only thing is.. they won't be LEAVING with it... .the W stays here

I think Hamilton's D is clearly worse, especially when you factor in opposition time of possesion. With a great offence like Hamilton has, their D at least gets time to rest alot during games. But when you have an offence that frequently goes 2 and out that is alot harder on a defence. The fact that Hamilton has given up the most points while scoring the most just makes their defence look even worse.

Stats are wonderful things, they'll say whatever you want them too.

Oddly, Hamilton offense is near bottom in least time of possession while defense is among the worst in most time on field. Hamilton offense must be very efficient in scoring despite little time but the defense allows excess first downs. Perhaps, the best defense against Hamilton is a strong offense that can keep Hamilton offense off the field. Strong offenses tend to make defenses look better. So Hamilton might have the worst defense in CFL?

When the season is done I still think BC will have the most points for an offensive team, I do feel bad for Ti Cats having to have Burris as QB, so glad Stamps got him out of town when they did.

Looks like the W went home with the Lions... another loss at Never Win Stadium for the Cats... :lol: :lol:

The good thing about stats is it allows one to ignore the thruth and still sound credible. Ask any politician.

You got that right LeBird. By the way..... were you having a glass of wine or two while posting your post? :wink: