STATS: It's the PANTS not the QB!

So far in the 2009 season, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have:

1 win and 3 losses when wearing black pants
1 win and 4 losses when wearing white pants
4 wins and 1 loss when wearing gold pants

These stats speak for themselves, no? The Tiger-Cats have only EVER won ONE regular season game wearing white pants but they continue to wear them. When wearing the traditional gold pants this season, the Tiger-Cats are 4-1!! The last time the Tiger-Cats had decent season (the first greg marshall year) they wore Gold pants every game!

Oct. 12 Winnipeg- black pants - LOSS
Oct 3 - Calgary - white pants - LOSS
Sept. 25 Montreal - Black pants - LOSS
Sept. 18 - Calgary - Black pants - WIN
Sept 11 - Toronto - Gold pants - LOSS
Labour Day - Toronto - Gold pants - WIN
Aug 29 - Edmonton - White pants - LOSS
Aug 16 Saskatchewan - White pants - LOSS
Aug 8 Edmonton - gold pants - WIN
July 31 BC - gold pants - WIN
July 23 Montreal - white pants - LOSS
July 18 Winnipeg - Gold pants - WIN
July 10 BC - white pants - WIN
July 01 - Toronto - Black pants - LOSS

All black uniforms or all white uniforms don't make sense. When Bob messed with tradition things went down hill...

I could have sworn that during this slump I've seen their white pants turn yellow.


I guess it's no coincidence that your name is "blackgoldforever" and not "blackgoldwhiteforever".

Well that's interesting good post something to think about ....

Let's start a black and gold crusade and stop using all these different uniform's .... :thup:

And they look better too!!!!

I can't help but think of the Simpson's episode that has Homer answering the door while wearing garbage bags for trousers. When asked about his sartorial splendour, Homer replies " I seemed to have misplaced my pants". :lol: :lol: :lol:
Pat Lynch(the old Simpson's fan in section 7)

OHhh man...that was hilarious. Just how 'official' and articulate he answered that question!
And then the groceries fall out of them!

Thanks Pat! Gave me a laugh!


2009 Record with:

Black Pants - 1 win, 3 losses, (.250)
White pants - 1 win, 5 losses (.160)
Gold Pants - 4 wins, 1 loss (.800)

Update after win over Argos:

2009 Record with:

Black Pants - 1 win, 3 losses, (.250)
White pants - 2 wins, 5 losses (.286)
Gold Pants - 4 wins, 1 loss (.800)

Update on Pants Statistics- No Pants. No Wins but some interesting clothes encounters. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old clothes horse in section 7)

Seriously?!? It has nothing to do with the pants. Get over it already.

Off the cuff, I’d say, “Zip it!”

You have way way too much time on your hands my friend..

Update after win over Riders:

2009 Record with:

Black Pants - 2 win, 3 losses, (.400)
White pants - 2 wins, 5 losses (.286)
Gold Pants - 4 wins, 1 loss (.800)

Through all this you're forgetting there are 2 different gold pants. The regular golds they wore yesterday and the retro gold.

Has anyone mentioned the fact that they wear white pants on the road and gold or black pants at home?

Don't you think playing on the road has more to do with the difference in record more than anything?

  • paul

Hey now, there is no place for logic here.

It would be nice logic except for the fact that they have worn gold pants on the road.

I ish they would just make the throwback uni's the real uniforms and get rid of the eyesores they currently utilize!