Stats don't lie

Grim stuff.

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Grim is being charitable.

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5 rushes for 12 yds :cry:
Including 5 yd run by Ranek on first play from scrimmage.
5 fumbles - 3 lost, 3 ints. 2 turnover on downs - Total turnovers Cats -8 Riders -0 :oops:
Defence allowed 174 yds in 28 rush attempts Avg 6.2 yds/carry :thdn:
We should of been punting on first down :roll:

Can't open PDF files, so here is my source if any discrepencies

[url=] ... board.html[/url]

Stats are for loosers! Wait a minute...

By my count, Holmes has touched the ball from scrimmage 53 times(23 catches, 29 rushes, 1 pass), or a average of 4.8 times per game. Factoring in the games he missed due to family issues and injury, it's still under 10 a game.

Pathetic. No clue. They might as well have a Kojo Aidoo plaque in honour of this marketing "coup."

Oski Wee Wee,

Gives me the cavity creeps :stuck_out_tongue:

Statistics are for losers, to dust off that old saw, but they don't lie. They are good in telling why one doesn't get W's, from a performance perspective.

We average around 10 yards per pass completion, just over 6 per attempt. Scary.

Oski Wee Wee,