"stats are for losers"..

Jerry Jones quote

so here are the stats.. (ripped from CFL.ca)

total Offense Per game
2. Saskatchewan Roughriders 380.8
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 371.8

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 295.2
6. Saskatchewan Roughriders 257.9


  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders 122.9
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 76.6 (still haven't fixed this

total Defence per game
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 337.1 (still number one in our hearts)
9. Saskatchewan Roughriders 406.0

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 246.6
9. Saskatchewan Roughriders 300.1 (that's gotta have Jeff smilin)

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 90.5 (grr Calgary knocked us down to 6th?!?!)
7. Saskatchewan Roughriders 105.9

in short, looks like a good night for football weather wise AND Jeff plays a marshmellow defence.. I smell VICTORY!

and in case your wondering what victory smells like.. think baconator wrapped in bacon

"stats are for losers".......Ouch !!!! Ya better not tell that to FenderGuy :slight_smile:

It's all good! I think Ryan was quoting Jerry Jones, of which as the Giants Fan that he is, doesn't really care what JJ thinks?!?!

Then again maybe Ryan3434 is Rex Ryan?

Quite the interesting day today Ive been called Donald Trump and now Rex Ryan lol

Quite correct Fender it was JJ's quote.

What are you talking about? Sure, Eric Clapton used a Les Paul early in his career, but nowadays he's most famous for playing a Strat. And Jimi Hendrix is recognized as being pretty much the definitive guitar player of the 20th century, and he's practically synonymous with the Strat. Sure, the production instruments today are largely made in China and Indonesia, and they don't hold the same mystique as ones made in the USA or even Mexico, but those are some pretty harsh words.

And don't get me started on canker research...

I don't think stats are for losers, I do think they don't tell everything and I'll say that expanded stats are for losers.

Jerrah says so. don't question the Jerrah

Thanks for the laughs and the education about spats.

People can come up with statistics to prove anything. Forty percent of all people know that.