+ - stats after week 6

All west teams are +
All east teams are -

+40 Edmonton
+37 B.C.
+34 Saskatchewan
+12 Calgary
-13 Toronto
-16 Hamilton
-24 Montreal
-52 Winnipeg

Interesting stats Captain. The east has some.work to do.

Who would have thought that Edmonton would be in first place overall after week 6.

admittedly, not I.

After the Ray trade, most envisioned a fast and furious spiral this year, yet the team's secondary, DL's and ST's are among the leagues best and brightest.
Even the vilified Jyles is finally showing signs of competence and versatility once bestowed upon him early in his career.

As well, the Esks fan support remains irrefutable, and tallied 43,000+ this past weekend game.

Something still feels incomplete about that team. It’s still too early to tell whether Jyles is in the same league as Lulay, Burris and Calvillo. To me he still seems like a glorified back-up. If it wasn’t for Edmonton’s stellar defense they wouldn’t be showing well at all.