Statistical anomoly?

From the "Believe it or not" files:

Tiger-Cats have two receivers among the league's Top 10. The two Alberta teams, led by Ricky Ray and Henry Burris, are shut out.

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You're absolutely right, Pat. Your revelation here truly is a statistical anomaly.

Just goes to show you, one can't always put a lot of emphasis on stats. Interesting post.

Here’s another statistical anomoly:

464 yards offence against Montreal.

Note that:

  • Edmonton has 7 in the top 40.
  • Calgary has 6 in the top 40.
  • Hamilton has 3 in the top 40 (Ralph, Gardner and Lumsden).
    It just shows that Edmonton and Calgary are deeper at the position than Hamilton, so their offences are not limited to a pair of receivers and the running backs. There is no statistical anomaly here. Ralph and Gardner's stats are a consequence of being the best options on a team that appears shallow in receiving talent at this time (based on PERFORMANCE to date). Whether the players they have now can develop or new ones need to be found is something the coach and GM will determine.