Statik76 what's happening in Winnipeg?

Statik76 get people to go to games in Winnipeg. :? You’re team is running up a debt. It’s funny that your president said that the fact the team isn’t competitive hurts the bottom line. If you would have had a 500 team you would of done better at the gate. I thought you filled stadiums out West no mater if your team was good or not? Contrary to us pathetic fans in Ottawa… :wink: Sorry couldn’t help myself I am still a bit bitter. Sad news for Winnipeg had fun there the 4 games I attended.

thanks but we had a crappy record last season and before the dispersal draft we already had 2000 more season ticket holders then last season and I do believe 2000 was the total amount of season ticket holders in Ottawa.

Now with the new aditions I do believe that will bring more fans out so you can add on to that.

Thanks for the good players Ottawa!

I live in Calgary


Hey, maybe Winnipeg will fold and join Ottawa on the sidelines, then you guys will see how it feels to lose your team and have the rest of the CFLfans S#!T on you when your down.

The difference is, in Winnipeg and Regina, they have a really large core following. And as Bombers pointed out they have a decent season ticket base to start out with.

......sorry you feel that way ORR, I think your feelings are misplaced rage directed at those entirely not responsible for your predicament but they're your feelings nonetheless......

A totally rude and uncalled for statement statik.

....there's some history behind it sambo.......

Staik and the Ottawa fans aren't exchanging Christmas cards this year! :wink:

hey ORR, that's not nice, don't down the Bombers when we have one fan who is a bad rotten apple

personaly, I feel ashamed to know his is a fellow bomber fan, but every family has a black sheep and a oddball who they accept or disown, and Snake seems to fall into the disown catagory.

quite frankly, I don't ever hope to reply to any of Staik threads again.

sambo42 - get bent. I already have a mother.

ORR - wow - you're still bitter, eh? What about 2007?! Aren'tcha excited?! Betcha Ottawa folds for the third time, before the Bombers ever fold. Bitter, bitter, bitter ... But what would you know about it - you thought it was a good idea to abandon your team when they needed fans the most - to 'send them a message'. I think they got the message.


.......geez KK, Statik76 is the oddball black sheep Bomber fan? had me fooled......

Kanga ... I hope you know that your siding with the Ottawa fans, simply reinforces how correct I am ...


Its quite obvious she didnt teach you manners either

My apologies to all Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans except Statik76. Unlike him, I don't want to see ANY traditional CFL teams fold ! Sorry KK.

I think you should read back through my posts .. I said many times over - I don't want Ottawa to fold .. But, it became increasingly obvious that the required pieces of the puzzle were missing. The first and most important piece is, a solid fan base ... and when it became apparent that the fanbase of Ottawa would rather vocally and physically turn their back on their own franchise - then who am I to want to keep a team there?

Sorry dude - your city sucked and couldn't run a football franchise (twice over) - don't blame me, cuz I call it, like I see it.


I don't blame you for thinking that way about the other CFL teams after what happened. Just don't point out Winnipeg becase of one fan was very negative to Ottawa about the sistuation when it wasn't the fans failt. All teams benefited from the D Darft, not just us.