Statement on the use of microchip-implanted footballs on kicking plays

Well I think we can about close the book on this chapter in CFL history,
flavour of the week as it was,
and perhaps someday next season look back at this all somewhat fondly as the
chippy shituation it was for the CFL.

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I agree with everything you say here. My problem remains that the league has not been transparent about what data it is collecting and for what purpose. I have read scores of comments here and other forums as well as releases from the CFL but still don’t really know.


Is that the field goal that famously denied his team the first overall pick in the next draft?

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Unfortunately I don’t know.

Yes - The Saints won that game, had they not New Orleans would have had the first overall pick in that draft.


Maybe we should wait until Genius Sports gets some stats on this.

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dont know if it has already been pointed out, but I just notice the following from the CFL statement.

“However, because some kickers have expressed a desire to continue using them, teams will decide at the beginning of the game whether to use microchip-implanted balls or technology-free balls for the duration of the contest.”

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I’ve spoken to a few kickers and from what they’ve told me, no one is coming forward as the kicker who wants to continue using them.

I can’t say I blame them lol


Sounds like BS to me. The vote was 10-1 against using them, so maybe one kicker wants to use the chip and that is probably a punter.


makes sense to me


Rene Paredes just famously went 6 for 6 also to make a statement to the CFL:

“Keep your chip to yourselves and away from my :football: :football: you sordid bojacks!”


Hey CFL! Fix your damn stats and Genius Sports now and something else that has been broken for more than a year.



Good read here

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THIS was no accident or shipping delay. Somebody at the CFL had concerns, but on it was with this crap-show too hoping the kickers would not notice.

Since the CFL was planning on mandating the balls this year, Lauther said kickers were supposed to get some chipped balls months in advance of training camp to try and get used to them, but he only received his right before camp.

“For me, I really tried to give it an unbiased go without looking at the balls,” said Lauther. “And it was just completely different than what we were used to.”

CFL, quit being like a bunch of bush-league bojacks with these kinds of unprofessional antics!

Yeah, as if we kickers would not even notice any mud somebody smears on the ball when we step back for the proper stance to kick or punt? BOJACKS!

Don’t you hand us more lines and keep your chip to yourself you CFL bojacks!


If you want to be really confused, this is from the 2024 CFL rule book.

The home team must also supply a minimum of another twelve new, unmarked,
and unaltered balls to be used for kicking plays (“Kicking Balls”). Both teams will
use the Kicking Balls for all kickoffs, punts, kicked convert attempts, and field goal attempts. The home team must also have on hand a sufficient supply of additional Kicking Balls and make them available to the Game Officials should they be required due to weather or other circumstances. If the visiting team runs out of Offensive Balls, they will use Kicking Balls for the remainder of the game while on regular offense


Oh CFL, really. Booo

CFL fines veteran kickers over chipped football controversy (