Statement on the passing of former CFL Commissioner Doug Mitchell

TORONTO — The CFL has released the following statement regarding the passing of former CFL Commissioner, Doug Mitchell:

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A man who wore many hats throughout his lifetime. Thank you Doug Mitchell for all your fine contributions to the greatest show on turf-The Canadian Football League. :cry:
Doug_Mitchell-Take 2


WOW !!

Those pictures are not even of the same Doug Mitchell that passed away !!

Those pics are of another Doug Mitchell.

You should check things out a lot more closely before making a mistake like that !!!

Upon investigation you're absolutely right. Easy mistake for anyone to make though.

No, absolutely No !! An unforgivable mistake to make !!!

Obviously he doesn't have much back ground in the knowledge of the CFL and it's past history !!!

Ummm....ok. :upside_down_face:

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