Statement game?

We face Montreal on Sunday. It's another home game.

The team put on one hell of a poor performance against B.C. last week. The defence held B.C. to 6 field goals, but it also gave Robertson 168 yards rushing because the tackling was so poor these guys wouldn't've even been able to bring down a 10-year-old girl. The offence, outside of Whitlock, was even worse. There wasn't any consistency. Guys definitely weren't on the same page.

Now this week we face the Grey Cup champions who also happen to be coming off a loss, and more than likely, Trestman will have his guys ready and focused.

We all know how the team played in the latter half of last season, and they didn't look much better against B.C.

So does this become a statement game? If we get blownout, are we in serious trouble? Can we afford two home losses this early in the season?

This is going to be a close game. Your offense and our defense are going to be motivated to redeem themselves. I'm calling my Als to win a squeaker, but wouldn't be surprised if Edmonton got the W. Our ability to pressure the QB was pathetic last week and it will take time for the D line to overcome the loss of Keron Williams. Ray, when he has time to make his reads, is the best in the league.

What plays in our favor is injury to two of your starting D-linemen (Romero and Peach) and a rookie at safety.



Time to amp it up. Let's be realistic. This team is probably the weakest in the West right now. Buono has our number. Sask is on a tear. Calgary is just a step behind the RR's. If Hall can't find a way to get more out of this bunch, then he needs to go. Too soon to be calling for his head, maybe, but he doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence as far as I'm concerned, anyway. I've always thought that he was in over his head, and these guys have a tendency to do dumb stuff (Armstrong penalty, for ex.) and lie down when the crunch is on.... Like late last year, like you alluded to.

What worries me most about this game is the potential for us to go down 0-2 at home. Let's be honest, Edmonton hasn't been a very good road team for a while now, so if we can't take care of the home games, then we're going to put ourselves in a very deep hole.

I hope the team comes out to play on Sunday. Otherwise, I think things could turn ugly very fast.

I perdict after sunday this team will look like the Red headed Stepchild.

Yes, it is a very good chance that the Eskimos go 0-2 to start the season. Conceivably they can go 0-3, maybe 0-4, maybe.
But being 0-2, does not call for the dismissal of the Head Coach. There are many factors that contributed to that poor showing and possibly another one.

Nugent was poor at safety, which is why Robertson rushed for 168yds. An unblocked free safety is supposed to make open field tackles to prevent a touchdown or long run. Remember, Nugent was at linebacker all of camp and pre-season games. Losing Elliott Richardsonto an injury in pre-season forced them to put a linebacker at safety or they could of played an unproven rookie in the home opener. Either way, coach hall can't win because you guys will crucify him for putting in a rookie or a vet linebacker.

Ricky Ray drove the ball down the Lions throat on the opening drive. All the way to the 1 yard line. 1st and goal on the 1yd, is supposed to be a TD!!! 2 penalties later, a sack and fumble, and this team gets NO POINTS at all. I dont think many teams could recover from such a blow. Remember the o-line is playing without its leader, Fiacconi due to injury, which explains why they sucked the whole night!

Defensive End Peach gets hurt in the 1st quarter, and again they must jumble the roster due to an injury.

Dont forget about defensive leader Dario Romero who is injuried as well.

These are 4 critical players that the Eskimos are depending on for the season, and to play without them, does not surprise me that they lost.

A statement game, YES, end of the world if they lose, NO. They will be ok, I am not so quick to throw them under the bus, just yet. It is a long season. Give them a chance to get at least 1/3 of the way through before calling for coaches head!

Yeah, I know, some of you wont like what I said, what else is new! :rockin:

So you are saying the Esks are unable to respond to adversity? That if things don't go just right, well, they will lose, and who can blame them?

Have the expectations for this franchise really fallen this far?

I didn’t agree with that, either. It’s a 60 minute game. If the team can’t regroup after the first drive, then it has some very serious issues.

What I am saying is after one game, some of you are calling for the head coach and assistant coaches to be fired. Not scoring a TD from the 1yd line is a serious issue. But we have to give them the chance to respond and it may take more than one game.
I prefer for them to kick the crap out of Montreal, but if they lose, I wont go burn any Eskimo jerseys that I own either.

It is a long season, give it some time before asking for heads.


Only one person has called for Hall's head, and Hondo clearly states that he's never been a fan of Hall.

If the Esks lose to my Als, I don't think the season is over, or that it's time to push the panic button. You're missing two of your starting D-linemen, as well as your starting safety, while your top receiver (Campbell) may not be 100% for the game. These aren't excuses for losing, just realities. I'm pretty sure Hall will get this team playing his way as the season wears on.

I believe this game is sort of a big deal but not a huge deal, its a little extreme to start asking for people to be fired. This could be a big blow to the Eskimos if they do lose by a big margin but if they play out there skin for the entire game i think it will show that its not as big in terms of a season deciding game.

I didn't call for his head. I just don't like his style and I don't believe he's the kind of guy that players will go balls out for. I've seen his pressers...Saw his pregame speeches, too. Lame. He's an X's and O's guy straight up IMO. Too stoic, too thoughtful, not capable of anything inventive or overly inspiring. Just my 2c...hope I'm wrong.

I'd call for Strassers head the Offence looked confused last year and looked confused this year although it's only been 1 game but I give him 3 more if we still suck then lets make a change . I do think we have the Talent on the field.

I kind of agree with you, he doesn't seem to have that fiery passion that guys like Huffer and Buono have. Hopefully that changes.

If we are going to make a change, I hope we do it early unlike last year. Changing in the middle of the season cost us big time! Before the change we were in the mix for first place. Then Worman was given the boot, we went on that nasty losing streak, and that was all she wrote.